Former Oxnard Employee of the Year running for Mayor

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Former Oxnard Police Dept. Publicity Manager Miguel Lopez was Employee of the Year in February. But for undisclosed reasons, he chose to leave and is now in the education field, working at UCSB. Oxnard hired Delana Gbenekama as Publicity Director, for a position he might have wanted.

He, like many others, is unhappy about how things have been going in Oxnard and has thrown his hat in the ring to run against Mayor Flynn in the upcoming election. He has been heavily involved in various special projects for improvement of the community in both  his official and unofficial capacities.

We had asked him only recently if running was in his plans and he refused to say anything about it. This should be an interesting election season.

Here is an email he sent to Mayor Flynn:

From: Miguel Lopez
Date: Wed, Jun 15, 2016 
Subject: Checking in, and Announcement

Hi Tim:  I was hoping that we would have been able to speak and that I would be able to share this over the phone or in person, as you suggested over coffee last week.  I hoped we could connect before the start of the week, but I understand your demanding and tight schedule with the budget and special meetings this week.

Before I share with anyone else, I wanted to share with you first.
When I announced my resignation, people began to ask, literally come up to me and ask (every day, multiple times a day), and encouraging that now that I was no longer going to be a city employee, if I would run for public office; if i would run for Council, and many encouraging me to run for Mayor.
I did not have the time nor mind-space immediately after my resignation to listen or give this any serious thought, since I wanted to completely focus on transitioning all my work, transition my projects and responsibilities, and more importantly, feel that I could and would leave in peace.  It was a remarkable 3-years, a challenging three-years, but remarkable.  I consider myself fortunate to have had this opportunity to serve my community.  I could not be more proud of the many special projects I was able to manage and champion, about the stronger police-community relations that we were able to mend and grow (evident by the speakers now, versus speakers past), and all our progress despite a difficult backdrop.  I recognize that it was one of the most difficult times for the people of Oxnard, for its Police Department, and the entire City.
I welcomed every challenge, and consider myself richer for the experience.  And, am thankful it was all recognized when I was awarded the City of Oxnard Employee of the Year, this past February.  Although I miss my work, the work I used to do directly with the community and of course the people, I could not be more happy having returned to my previous life in Higher Education.  Immediately before my tenure with the city, I had worked at the federal-level in Washington DC, and before that taught and worked at UCLA where I was completing my doctoral training and Ph.D. studies.  Not sure, if anyone has shared with you, but weeks after my separation with the City, I accepted an academic appointment at UC Santa Barbara and am now Directing and preparing to open a new federally-funded center.  I am truly happy and blessed.
Like I was saying, I had hoped to share in person or at least over the phone, but I fundamentally disagree with your leadership of our city; of your city manager, his missteps, ill advise, and mismanagement; and, the direction you are taking our city. I have spoken with people throughout the city – many who reached out to me – and recently brought people together to discuss all of this, collectively.  After much consultation, prayer, lots of phone calls, and reflection – I have decided and – I am proud to announce my candidacy for Mayor.
I wanted you to hear this from me, directly. I am only sorry that it had to be via email.  I will be sending this to your colleagues on Council next – and with the public in the morning. 
[Flyer below.]
I would still love to get together for coffee, and happy to talk to you personally about my concerns and about my campaign that I will be running. Of course, you could also talk to your CM about this.  He could tell you more, before we meet.  Again, I understand that this is a busy time for you.  It is for all of us. But, let me know if you want to look into a time next week to get together, or at the very least schedule a call.
Hope to hear from you soon,


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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Strong for Oxnard
Strong for Oxnard
4 years ago

Awesome grammar in that e-mail!
And this guy has a PH.D?