Former Oxnard Finance Director points out inequitable utility rates

By Phil Molina

Editor’s note: We published this letter from Mr. Molina to Oxnard officials and “friends”  just  as we received

Friends, Mayor, Councilpersons and staff:
How much do you like Oxnard?  How fairly, equitably and justly do you feel Oxnard treats you? Do you like subsidizing the poor? Do you like paying taxes so others can be on welfare?
Well I attended the Oxnard Utilities RatePayers Advisory Panel  meeting on Wednesday. At the end of a dreary meeting pointing out all the shortfalls resulting from the last 17 years of  Ed Sotelo and Tom Holden’s reign of greed and destruction,  we were asked to consider establishing  policies for setting the increasing utility rates for all three city utilities.
The meeting was both dreary and informative. At one point a top executive manager acknowledged that the city’s current variable rate structure violates Prop 218 in that it does not represent actual tiered costs in the development of the variable rate structure. 
So I took a bit of time to see how much the tiered variable rates might violate the concept of equity, equal treatment under the law, and a violation of California Constitution XIII (California Court of Appeal Holds City’s Tiered Water Rate Structure Violates Proposition 218, But City May Charge Potable Customers for the Costs of Developing Alternative Supply Projects, Such as Recycled Water:In an opinion anxiously awaited by many water agencies throughout California, the Fourth District Court of Appeal, Division Three, ruled on Monday that a city’s inclining, tiered block rate structure violated Proposition 218’s proportionality requirements (California Constitution, article XIII D, section 6).
Shown below is the amount ANYONE living in a single family residence in Oxnard ACTUALLY SUBSIDIZE the Oxnard business community for the water they use. 
Wow if you live in a single family residential unit you  subsidize local businesses from $656.00- $1,452.00 per year ($121 x 12) by paying more based on an unjust premium rate for your water.  Wait a minute……those aren’t the poor being subsidized…..those are us, poor people, subsidizing the rich businesses including HAAS, and Procter & Gamble.   WHY?
assume a single family residential used 40 HCF of water /month          
How much would that single family pay compared to multi family, commercial,        
 ocean view agricultural?                
                amount single
                family resident
                subsidizes business
single family   rates              
HCF/month      0-6  7-12  over 12 totals      
 0-6    $              2.84  $           17.04      $           17.04      
 7-12    $              3.15    $           15.75    $           15.75      
 over 12    $              4.42      $        128.18  $        128.18      
             $        160.97    $                         
multi fam residents                
 0-17    $              2.32  $           39.44      $           39.44      
 18-32    $              2.58    $           67.08    $           67.08      
 over 32    $              3.84      $           34.56  $           34.56      
             $        141.08    $           19.89  
 0-17    $              2.32  $           39.44      $           39.44      
 18-32     $              2.58    $           36.12    $           36.12      
 over 32    $              3.84      $           30.72  $           30.72      
             $        106.28    $           54.69  
ocean view ag                
  0-17    $              1.01  $           17.17      $           17.17      
 18-32    $              1.01    $           14.14    $           14.14      
0ver 32    $              1.01      $              8.08  $              8.08      
             $           39.39    $        121.58  


Phil Molina is an Oxnard resident, former Oxnard Finance Director and “whistleblower,” who exposed alleged corruption, and was fired. He sued and won a large award, after many years of litigation.

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Jean Joneson
Jean Joneson
5 years ago

First to the staff of Citizens Journal thank you for publishing Mr. Molina’s letter.

Mr. Molina is an honest man and is someone I would have trusted in the mix of all the crooks that have been chased out by Mr. Nyhoff. As you can see now your unions are at it again to continue bullying and threatening the residents of Oxnard with their pay. If they do not like the cuts then bye Felicia!

It is time for the residents to stand up to these bullies and take their stance and NO to utility hikes! These hikes will be used for the give me programs in Oxnard and the unions.

Once again Mr. Molina is trying to send out what is really happening to our city. Why are Sotelo and Holden is walking around and not in jail? The D.A. did us no favors by letting them off due to statue of limitations. B.S.

Thank you and come on everyone shake it up over there. Wake UP!

Wait wait one more thing yes to NRG!

Love, Peace and Happiness!