Former Pfizer VP Warns Booster Shot Is An Extermination Weapon To Mass Murder Human Beings


(Natural News) A laboratory virus experiment that cannot be questioned or debated has no resemblance to science. “Covid-19 vaccines” do not even function like a traditional biologic and cannot be considered a vaccine. This project has not undergone a traditional FDA approval process and was pressured into existence through fraud and coercion. Dr. Anthony Fauci and the National Institutes of Health have repeatedly lied about this laboratory virus experiment and are currently pressure governments and corporations to make spike protein replication mandatory; therefore, this is not a transparent process nor is it an ethical pursuit. When this concoction is forced into the population in the most coercive ways imaginable, it cannot be considered “preventative medicine” at all. According to former Pfizer chief scientist, Dr. Michael Yeadon, the COVID shots and their endless boosters are “depopulation weapons” designed to enslave and kill.

COVID shots are wartime weapons, deployed for complete dominion over humans

It’s time for the formerly-dubbed “fully vaccinated” to wake up and realize that there is nothing ethical or scientific about what is being done to them. Just five months after being promised their “freedom,” the “fully vaccinated” are now being told they are inadequate, a subhuman species again, without a functioning and capable immune system. Trained to obey coercive authorities and abusive medial edicts, these human test rats are being psychologically controlled and physically restrained to a shortened life of pharmaceutical dependence. As routine boosters are prepared for the population, and the word “mandatory” is used to force these shots in seasonally, it’s time to realize this isn’t a vaccine and it’s not protecting anyone. It’s a war time weapon, a depopulation program. As vaccine manufacturers reap billions of dollars in extorted taxpayer funds, deploy propaganda and fraud, and fight for dominion over people’s lives, they have become mass murderers.

Dr. Michael Yeadon says “there’s absolutely NO possible justification” for the manufacture of covid-19 vaccines and the upcoming onslaught of booster shots. Longstanding, efficacious treatments and traditional Chinese herbal medicine offers a variety of solution for common respiratory infections, including influenza viruses, enteroviruses like polio, RSV and coronavirus infections. But these treatments have been viciously attacked, censored and suppressed across the medical landscape, as the public health gatekeepers restrain doctors and nurses from treating people early and saving lives. Dr. Yeadon warns that the booster shot was forced into existence and is nothing more than an extermination weapon to destroy innate immunity, spur super viruses into existence, and mass murder human beings. According to the clinical trials, the rate of adverse events is ten times greater after the second shot. What will the third, fourth and fifth boosters do to the population, as tens of thousands have already died off?

The vaccine program is designed for pharmaceutical dependence and depopulation

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says the company has already created a new vaccine development system that can mass produce a new mRNA booster every ninety-five days. “Every time a variant appears in the world, our scientists are getting their hands around it,” Bourla said. “And they are researching to see if this variant can escape the protection of our vaccine.” There is a long list of spike protein sequence variations that have been identified around the world. Now that Pfizer has dominion over the regulatory framework and the government, it’s now imminent that they will conduct yearly forced experiments on the world population, using tweaks in the spike protein to mass replicate the deadly bioweapon into the unforeseeable future.

An August 10 study in the Lancet shows that vaccinated people are more susceptible to the Delta variant. Dr. Peter McCullough, board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases and clinical lipidology, explained that there were more than 14 strains of coronavirus in the United States just six months ago. When the vaccines put selective pressure on the amino acids of the spike protein, a new variant begins to emerge, evading immune detection. He referenced a paper by Niessen and scientists from Boston and Rochester, Minnesota, which put over a million sequenced samples to the test. “They looked at vaccination rates all over, and the variant proportions, and they concluded that with more than 25% of the population vaccinated, you’ll encourage a dominant strain to move forward,” McCullough said. There’s no doubt that this vaccine program is designed for pharmaceutical dependence and depopulation.

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It is hard for humanity to face evil because it necessitates a willingness to face the truth, however difficult. When governments use cognitive dissonance to deliberately inflict fear, dread, and terror from death by disease, they have effectively neutralized dissent as those who cannot tolerate the stress will themselves act as effective agents to marginalize those who refuse to succumb to the mindless following of propaganda without evidence.
Out of fear, far too many have willfully surrendered their health and lives to governmental, environmental(work),and personal pressures to take the shots. The intuitive voice of survival and self-protection has been drummed out by cultural/governmental manipulation and deception and it has been exceedingly effective in controlling people who are unable to withstand the hardships of being ostracized from work, family and friends in order to listen to and follow their gut!
Less than 4-5 weeks after this whole “pandemic” was declared something did not feel right to me so I started investigating myself. There was information out there and easy enough to find back then and I very soon determined that to me this was a bio-weapon.Refusing these shots has cost me any access to my family and with what is happening I may never see them again.Facing truth in a time of great lies always comes at a cost and that is why so few will stand up and so many will end up enslaved by this tyranny.


This is insightful and brilliantly articulated. Your message resonated with me deeply. I am a medical doctor and just recently woke up to the reality of what is happening. Doing everything I can to use those stupid 2 letters after my last name for the good of humanity and show them the love, kindness and patience of Jesus Christ to help them connect the dots, should they be open to do so. It would be very difficult for me to embrace the ugly truth of reality if it weren’t for grappling with my insecurities and (falsely) putting my entire self worth on my “identity” as a surgeon, leading me to leave clinical medicine back in 2017. Now I am so grateful my entire world came crumbling down in order to reveal the truth of what was to come in a few short years…. I pray for everyone to have the courage to choose truth, respect their intuition, and realize the empowerment that truly comes with changing your mind and letting it all burn…. realizing you never really wanted what many feel “trapped” to maintain. <3


Those of us who grew up in the 50s lived in fear that we would be stricken with polio and paralyzed. When the vaccine became available, we were overjoyed and rushed to get it. (There was a school mandate that you had to show proof of the polio vaccine or you couldn’t be enrolled). Parents must have been smarter back then, because they looked at that virus and vaccine as a public health issue, not a political one.

People think the MRNA component of the Covid vaccine is new, but that’s not accurate. mRNA vaccines have been tested in humans for at least four infectious diseases: rabies, influenza, cytomegalovirus, and Zika.

Most of us started receiving our two doses of the Covid vaccine almost ten months ago. After so much time has passed, wouldn’t all these mass murders or government takeovers of our freedoms (a,k.a. wearing masks) have shown up by now? All I know is that the dear friends I have who received the vaccine have all been able to stay out of the hospital.

Neil deGrasse Tyson likes to tell his students: “The most dangerous thing in life is having just enough information to believe you’re right, but not enough information to KNOW you’re wrong.” Folks, do your research. Read many different sources of information and listen to your doctor. And please keep in mind that not everything in life is an evil conspiracy. There are actually good people from all walks of life who are trying to do the right thing.


Its just a matter of time. There is NO cure for covid-19. What we are is the effected and the affected. meaning effected people are affected are lives. Its got to stop.


So many lies…

Linda Oglesby

I have said over and over that they are pushing the shots far too much. My instincts are not wrong on this. They have proved that they don’t care about the American people by everything they have done since Biden has been in office.


But Mr. Trump was the person who spearheaded the development of the vaccine. He and his entire family took the vaccine. If you don’t trust Biden, but you do trust Mr. Trump, why won’t you take advantage of the very program he started?


As a medical doctor, you are not wrong. Listen to your intuition. It doesn’t lie 🙂 I highly recommend this AAPS 2021 presentation by Peter McCullough, MD that reviews MUCH of the suppressed/censored scientific and clinical data:

Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism and the Rush to Replace Trusted Treatments with Untested Novel Therapies Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH


You should be ashamed of yourself. The blood of thousands of people are oh your hands.

Georgie P

Eventually those oppressors who are repeating the propaganda, will be oppressed as their usefulness is no longer needed…..Evilness in full force!!!!

Erlen mack

seems like every booster shot u get spurs on another variant until only the very rich are left. Uh oh no servants to wait on the murderers


Erlen, as of today (9/23) Boosters have been approved for Covid, but not administered yet. So I’m not sure which boosters you’re referring to that somehow “spur on” variants to the virus. As for cost, the vaccines are free to everyone, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Perhaps you could explain. Thank you.

Mike Smith

‘Former Pfizer VP Warns Booster Shot Is An Extermination Weapon To Mass Murder Human Beings’

Let’s assume this is accurate.

It would make perfect sense.

There are so many millions of Americans equipped and able to defend themselves, it would take something asymmetrical like this to effect mass murder in this country (without the use of Chemical, Biological, Radiological or Nuclear weapons).


We heard the exact same thing about the original Pfizer shots when they were being rolled out. The vaccines were supposed to effect a mass murder (they didn’t.) Since millions weren’t killed when they were given the first vaccines, conspiracy folks have moved the goal post. “Um, what we meant to say is that it’s the Booster that will cause mass murder.” Please, please, use the common sense God gave you. Not everything in life is an evil conspiracy.

Mike Smith

“We heard the exact same thing about the original Pfizer shots when they were being rolled out… Please, please, use the common sense God gave you.”

Nowhere did I say the Pfizer (or any of the other) shots are designed for mass murder.

I prefaced my statement with,

“Let’s assume this is accurate.”

Which you obviously did not read, or conveniently ignored.

The first step to using common sense is not taking what people say out of context.

Meri Coury

All I can say is, FUCKERS!!


Stunning. Thank you for publishing the truth. It’s hard to find these days.

Chris W

I totally

Joe McVicker

Finally found the courage to do what is right, thank you Jesus!!!


You realize that the president of Pfizer sits on Reuters executive board. Look it up-

Worldline Zero

LMAO. Guess I’m dead, then? I actually thought this article was satire from how bad it is.

Bill Sallee


John Meyer

I put nothing past this liberal left wing.Government in cahoots with the likes of fauchi and Bill Gates and big pharma companies. I will trust in God as my healer and immune system our Lord gave us through eating healthy home grown veggies and fruits.


Where in the Bible does the Lord command us to eat home grown veggies and fruits?

Nowhere, right? But God does command people to eat only meat from ruminants (animals that chew their cud) and those which also have cloven hooves (essentially, domesticated animals).

Your fruit and veggie crap is just more left wing hippie bullshit. Peace, love, and harmony right? And a good toke from the shared bong in your beatnik commune.


When the Isrealites entered the promised land God told them to “eat bread for their heart” and when you “eat the fruit, eat the seeds.” Did they obey? Also, he instructed them to “take the land and KILL EVERYONE”: Did they obey?.

John Smith

OMG I can’t believe you’re allowed to print bs like this? A booster shot is just an additional shot of the vaccine, nothing more. But no please keep telling Repugs not to get it so there is less of you running around! Fucking idiots!


Mr, Smith, I’m praying that you’ll someday gain the tolerance to consider a diversity of viewpoints. Diversity is strength.

Peter Apel

Another AWESOME video!!! Watch, listen to, Read the News = you are being lied too!!!


Agree. People will believe anything they read on the internet.

Natoma Stevenson

Genocide????????? What is going can’t people think for themselves? What is the World turning into a bunch of pansy asses?? Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you can’t always believe what anyone says. Use your head and think, does it make sense?I’ve never trusted the Big Pharmaceutical, there always focused on the Money, They Cure You and you don’t need their pricy pills,


Maybe you’re lucky and don’t need pricey pills. Some of us consider medication our life support. Without it, I would have died last year.

Kev Hartlaub

Tho diabetics get immunity, more temporarily, many lose extremities!
rather allow diabetics to die?


The Gewz want the White Race gone, it’s simple, BUT they MUST make money during the genocide or it’s quite the waste of a good crisis.

John Meyer

Now thats racist. But leftist liberals do comprise a significant bunch of lucifarian types of Jewz that are in the 1 percentile like Soros that hate the Christian Church and Jews that are believers in the coming messiah Jesus, in power and judgement.


Living in your head must be a terribly grim experience.

Marlene Coffman

Are you a employee ex that is trying to ruin Pfizer reputation, if so keep your mouth shut. America don’t need your talk causing many not to get vaccine. Also show your proof.

Jodi Lynn Kaili

You’re completely brainwashed…a TRUE govt puppet! No critical thinking skills available in your cranium 🙁 Sad case


Iseveryone afraid to comment on this? I can’t believess it’s in the mainstream press.


They aren’t reporting on it, because it’s not true. The internet makes it really easy to use your brain and fact check.

Jodi Lynn Kaili



By the way, when you start a sentence with, “It’s people like you…” it’s an ad hominem attack. It doesn’t address a concern, it just name-calls, like we did on the playground in third grade. People will have a hard time taking you seriously if you sound like an eight-year-old.