Forum for three Thousand Oaks City Council candidates- video

By George Miller

The Westlake and Conejo Valley Republican Women Federated group sponsored this April 17 event at Los Robles Greens, ailment which consisted simply of the three Republican candidates- Dan Roundtree, site Ed Jones and Rob McCoy- each talking for 12 minutes, troche no questions. The event was video-recorded by KADYTV.

Graduating Newbury Park HS senior Henry Herata first read  his scholarship-winning essay on what the  Constitution Means to Me.”



Event video- Candidates start at 19:50 on the video.


Another CJ event report

Thousand Oaks Candidates Debate

Thousand Oaks Candidates Debate

By William Hicks The debate was opened with a prayer by Evelyn Colby and followed by the Pledge of Allegiance with Terry Howard. There were members of both the Thousand Oaks Republican Womens Federated and her Sister counterpart from Westlake Village. A scholarship was earned by Henry Herata for his essay on “What The Constitution […]


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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Dear Editor at Citzens Journal,

On May 1 at 11AM and 12:30PM in Thousand Oaks Public Library, group room, I am going to provide free education to people who would learn about Law day (May 1 of each year would be Law Day in the United States.), Water (May 2015 is National Water Safety Month!), and Mental Health (May is Mental Health Awareness Month since 1949.), May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month and Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Please also include in community or health section of the Citizens Journal for all areas in Greater Conejo, so people who would like to know more about how to prevent the eight steps of genocide and to stop (C)ontinuous (A)trocities (N)on-stop could educate oneself about “Mitch Briar” as domestic terrorists in United States who have been lying to many individuals, especially to police and lawyers and doctors with KKK’s same lies “government or attorney or a Judge” to commit medical fraud, financial fraud, identity theft, cyber crimes, and paper terrorism in our areas using Narcotics forced into prescriptions using police brutality and health workers brutality too.

Thank You.

Brief: Assisting US Dept of Justice to help our CA dept of Justice by educating in raising awareness to police, lawyers, doctors, and other job titles in Greater Conejo Valleys about domestic terrorism and KKK with Neo-Nazi and Skinheads violent gangs as perpetrators in our 21st Century and these hate mobsters do exist in Ventura County.