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By Raven West

Four Brix

Four Brix

The first question nearly every visitor to Four Brix Winery asks is how they came up with their unusual name. Owners Gary & Karen Stewart, Tracy Noonan, Jim Noonan, Barry Fisher & Laura Peters have been asked that question since they first opened their doors in 2011.

“The word “brix” is a term for measurement of sugar in grapes,” Karen Stewart explained. “No one would actually use four brix to make wine, so we took the term and transformed it to mean four sweet spots, our four favorite wine making regions in the world; France, Spain, Italy and California.”

All of the wines Four Brix bottles pay homage to these regions and their style. “The Temptress (a blend of Tempranillo, Mourvedreand Grenache) is representative of the Spanish region, their Zeductive (a combination of Zinfandel and Petite Sirah) for California, Scosso (a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot) is our Italian tribute and the 2011 Rhondezvous (Grenache, Syrah and Mourvdre) is France,” Karen said.

Gary Stewart and Jim Noonan racking our 20

Gary Stewart and Jim Noonan racking our 20

With such an international flavor, you can take a wine tour of several different countries and never leave Ventura County.  “We are fortunate here in California to have so many different growing regions to accommodate so many different varieties of grapes,” Karen pointed out. “A lot of the soils in Paso Robles on the west side are very similar to the soils in the Rhône wine region in Southern France, so  we really can bring an international experience into your own backyard.”

All of Four Brix wines are produced at their Ventura production facility except for Baubles, which is their Brut-Methode Champenoise, 60% Chardonnay and 40% Pinot Noir, that’s bottled at their site in Sonoma.

Wine maker Gary Stewart combined their unique style to create an interesting wine tasting flight with just as creative names: Desirous is a Grenach Blanc, Smitten is a Viognier, Roseo is a Grenache.

Four Brix isn’t satisfied with just creating unusual names for their wines, they also love to blend various wines to come with one-of-a-kind specialties. Every year they host a blending party called a “BrixMix” for their club members.

“Most of our wines are based on blending,” Karen said. “So, once a year we invite 40 or 45 people to come in and we have three varietals for them to mix. They choose which blend they like and then we do a special bottling that’s made by the members. But unique blends and unique names with an international flare isn’t the only reason Four Brix is attracting wine lovers and fans from all over Ventura and L.A. Counties. The winery hosts a number of fun events, with more on the way.

In addition to their Brixheads’ pick-up parties and public wine tastings, there is a new once-a-month Sunday Brunch catered by The Underground Gourmet.

Scosso Weekend

Scosso Weekend

Foodie Friday is held every third Friday of the month where you can enjoy a paring of three wines and three 3 small food selections.

 “We feature a food truck on the first Friday of the month at the winery,” said Karen, “and our Annual Spring Fling Boutique will be May 3rd and 5th from 12-5pm and will feature more than a dozen vendors, with a large variety of gifts in time for Mother’s Day, Graduation, or just for you!”

Four Brix Winery, Not just another “Brix in the wall”.

Four Brix Winery
2290 Eastman Ave., Suite 109, Ventura

Hours: Friday – 4:00 – 8:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday – 12:00 – 5:00 pm
Phone (805) 256-6006 for information on special events
email:  [email protected]
website: Four Brix Winery

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Raven West

Raven West

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Raven West is a free-lance writer and published author who has lived in Ventura County for more than twenty years. She has an extensive knowledge of local wineries from Thousand Oaks to Ojai and will be covering special events which take place at the tasting rooms throughout the year.



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  1. D'Vonne Day Wiemann April 7, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    Four Brix Winery sounds like a great place to go for wine tasting!! I hadn’t heard about it until now but the Pizza Night and Foodie night sounds like a lot of fun. Can’t wait to go try their blends! Love the fact that they cater to the 4 regions they do.

    Thank you for featuring this winery! We will definitely go there.


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