Four Pillars Immigration Plan Is a Good Start

“My son is dead because Nancy Pelosi refused to do her job.”

Los Angeles, CA (January 30, 2018) – By Don Rosenberg

While it’s refreshing to finally have a President who wants to fix the illegal immigration problem, his proposed plan has many flaws.

First and foremost, the first pillar (a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens brought here through no fault of their own) should be the last pillar. The President’s plan also does not say what will be done to those people whose fault it was.

The plan only defends against those crossing the border illegally and does nothing about the hundreds of thousands (over 600,000 last year) who overstay their visas.

Trump’s plan rightfully limits chain migration but, as always, the “devil’s in the details.” The more extensive explanation allows for the waiting list to be fulfilled – meaning it could be two decades before we actually see a decrease in those allowed entry via chain migration.

In addition, the plan is missing answers to some key questions:

  • How will we deal with the 10-20 million people ALREADY in the country illegally?
  • When will e-verify become mandatory?
  • How does the administration/Congress plan on ending sanctuary cities or states (which only protect those here illegally who have committed additional crimes)?
  • When do we end birthright citizenship?

Tonight, the politicians hellbent on protecting illegal aliens (Democrats) displayed despicable behavior by groaning when the President mentioned those who lost their lives because of illegal immigration. My son is dead because they refused to do their job – yet they groan at the mention of the lives lost. They’ve reached a new low in partisan politics.

Prior to tonight’s address Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said, referring to the dreamers:

“We will not rest, we will not stop, this will not end.”

Never once has she acknowledged let alone promised my family and the 50,000 to 100,000 thousand families that she will not rest, she will not stop until no Americans are killed by an illegal alien.

Rep. Pelosi and her long-serving Democrat colleagues have totally failed American families by abdicating their responsibility to secure our borders. It’s time that Washington act to protect our children and families and not reward those who tried to take a shortcut through the lawful immigration process.

Drew, murdered in 2010 by an illegal alien seen with his father Don Rosenberg

About Fight Sanctuary StateFight Sanctuary State was founded by a group of Californians united to protect our children and families from illegal alien homicide and crime by working to repeal sanctuary jurisdiction policies. More information can be found at

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