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By Stephen Frank,  California Political News and Views

The Big Story

Republican Party Conundrum:  Republican in California have to spend money to win back seven congressional seats lost in 2018.  We need to save the Senate seats for several GOP Senators and those of our Assembly members.  It will be tough and it is no shock to find out money for these races is not infinite.

So, the 38th Assembly District provides the GOP with a real opportunity.  In this race, lost in 2018 to the Democrats, the runoff in November has TWO Republicans on the ballot and NO Democrats.  That means regardless of who wins, the Republican Party wins.  In fact, the CRP is already proudly noting we have taken back this seat.  So what is the problem?

One of the candidates in the race was endorsed by the CRP.  Will the GOP spend money to assure the endorsed candidate wins?  Could that money be better spent to DEFEND and save Senate or Assembly seats?  What would you do, spend on a race that you already WON or spend money to save an incumbent GOP’er?  We will watch to see if the goal, which it is, to save seats is the policy.  Thought you should know about this.


  1.  Update on voter registration.
  2. Elect Mike Garcia in Special Election (25thCD) on May 12
  3. Elect Melissa Melendez for State Senate (28th SD) on May 12
  4. Marijuana sales in trouble?
  5. L.A. Times in financial trouble
  6. Census/Redistricting Changes-update
  1.  In San Fran there are a total of a little over 33,000 registered Republicans.  Just since July, 2019, the Democrats have registered 37,000 NEW Dem voters.  Statewide it is just as bad.

GOP leadership is crowing about adding 144,153 newly registered Republican since the 154 day report of the Secretary of State.  At the same time the Democrats registered 405, 102 Dems—an increase over Republicans of 260, 949.  Yet some GOP leader are claiming this is a victory.  Can we afford more such victories?  This is like bragging your team scored four runs, more than ever.  This, without mentioning your opponent scored ten runs.

See 154 day report here.  See February 18 report here.

GOP leaders also are proud, just ask them, of the tens of millions of email blasts, robocalls and Internet “impressions” they have generated in the past year.  Good to know.  But, then why do we have 19 Assembly seats, nine State Senate seats and seven congressional seats on the November ballot without a Republican?  The first step of recovery for an addict is to admit the problem.  The second step is to tell the whole truth.

  • Elect Mike Garcia in Special Election (25thCD) on May 12.  This is a real chance to pick up a lost congressional seat.  This is the seat porn star turned politician Katie Hill held.  The Democrat Assemblywoman Christy Smith is a staunch supporter of Nancy Pelosi and her San Fran values.  Garcia, is running in the all-mail special election on May 12, raised nearly $1.2 million for the quarter. He has $500,000 in the bank. Lots of volunteer groups around the State are helping with phone calls.  Want to help win back a seat?  Go to his campaign directly at
  •  In the 28th Senate District Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez is the GOP candidate to replace Jeff Stone, who took a position in the Trump Administration.  In 2018 Stone only received 53% of the vote—this will be a close race—in the Riverside County area—Help her by going directly to her campaign at
  •  Yes, tax revenues from the sale of marijuana is going to be down during this criis.  That does not mean marijuana use is down—just that potheads are not stupid and pay double the price for “legal” marijuana when on the corner they get illegal pot?  From Politico:

— “Weed is deemed ‘essential’ in California, but many pot businesses are on the brink of failure,” by WaPo’s Reed Albergotti: “Like grocers, the marijuana industry’s ability to operate during the pandemic offers a much-needed source of revenue. But for the pot business, the lack of a safety net, access to banking or the ability to tap into federal stimulus dollars means the tiniest misstep could lead to bankruptcy.”

  •  The Los Angeles Times, like all newspapers, is in deep financial trouble.  With businesses being closed, there is almost no ad revenues.  This is from Politico, “Via LATimes’ John Myers @johnmyers: “Due to the unexpected effects of COVID-19, our advertising revenue has nearly been eliminated.” That’s the news in today’s email to @latimes staff. And then the impact: pay cuts for managers, 16 weeks of furloughs on the business side, cancellation of 401k match for everyone…”  Maybe if they promoted the good work of President Trump instead of smearing him with the Russian collusion hoax, the Schiff impeachment silliness, they would not be n trouble.
  • IMPORTANT ALERT.  Due to the Wuhan Virus, the Census is going to be delayed—which delays our redistricting for the 2022 election.  Note that California will not get the needed census data till July 31, 2021—which means a very short time for candidates to decide to run and build a campaign.

From the Department of Commerce press release dated April 13, 2020.:

“In order to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau is seeking statutory relief from Congress of 120 additional calendar days to deliver final apportionment counts.

Under this plan, the Census Bureau would extend the window for field data collection and self-response to October 31, 2020, which will allow for apportionment counts to be delivered to the President by April 30, 2021, and redistricting data to be delivered to the states no later than July 31, 2021.”

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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