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    Freedom Convoy 2022 Turning The Tables on Trudeau And The Great Reset – Video


    The world awakened this Sunday morning to the Capital of Canada under siege—even among desperate mainstream and social media attempts to hide, bury and downplay it.

    It is not the throngs of thousands of citizens in Ottawa shivering in winter’s brutal cold, but elected elitists willing to give the Western World over to the now finally stalled ‘Great Reset’ and its phony claim to ‘Build Back Better’.


    One of the Great Reset’s key henchmen, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has already cut and run.
    HOPE, the bonfire set alight in human hearts, is keeping the truckers and supporters of ‘Freedom Convoy 2022’, warm and steadfastly focused on point.

    Freedom Convoy 2022 and each of its members—down to the last one—now lead the entire world in the dogged fight to end discrimination and division on populations by their elected ‘leaders’.

    Trudeau has left the Battle Field of his own will.  Truckers and their supporters will stay on the battlefront until lawmakers repeal the vaccine mandate—not just for truckers hauling life-sustaining freight across the the Canada-U.S. border—but for freedom-seeking citizens the world over.

    The Canadian National Anthem, words of which Justin Trudeau had rewritten back in Feb 1, 2018, all because the words “sons” offended his fragile sensibilities, never sounded so good.


    The Canadian flag that flew at half mast for over five months on Trudeau’s orders even though his accusations that the Catholic Church was responsible for the massive burial of indigenous children at Canadian residential schools proved to be wrong, is being seen in its deserved glory the world over.

    The mainstream and social media are being shown up for what the majority of them are—FAKE News.

    The attempts of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) claiming in reports that the truckers have been infiltrated by Russian operatives/actors, are pathetic.

    ‘Amid Escalating Protests, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Has Fled the Capital City of Ottawa – Canadian Safety Minister Refuses to Confirm CBC Broadcast of Russians Surrounding the City‘(Conservative Tree House, Jan. 29, 2022)

    Filling in for CBC’s Power & Politics Presenter Vassy Kapelos, on maternity leave, Nil Köksal asked Canadian Minister of Public Safety, Marco Mendicino on Friday night, because of Canada’s involvement with Ukraine, is it possible for Russian operators and actors to infiltrate the Convoy.


    In a media world where pumped up sensationalism, gossip and entertainment tidbits dominate, the truckers and their supporters ARE THE MAIN NEWS

    “Nil Köksal is the host of World Report, CBC’s flagship national radio news show. She begins her mornings with more than a million loyal listeners. (CBC Media Center)

    The Turkish born Köksal says “being invited into people’s homes in Canada and beyond — is such an intimate one,”  “It is a privilege.”

    “Based in Istanbul, Köksal’s reporting from the region took audiences inside Syria, the refugee crisis, and the impact of ISIS. She covered the dramatic political and social changes in post coup attempt Turkey, the series of deadly terror attacks across the country, and the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov.”

    Assorted other media trying to horn in on the massive publicity of Freedom Convoy 2022, are trying to make the Trucker story,THEIR story.

    In a media world where pumped up sensationalism, gossip and entertainment tidbits dominate, the truckers and their supporters ARE THE MAIN NEWS.


    Move over mainstream and social media, the Truth is now coming into its own.

    As days move ahead, Justin Trudeau will be only the first to flee the maddening crowds.

    The ranks of the perpetrators of the ‘Great Reset’ are thinning and will continue to do so. 

    World Economic Forum CEO Klaus Schwab lost his first disciple when Justin flew the coop.  More will be sure to follow.  No one wants to be on the losing side when the chips are down.

    Klaus Schwab on Trudeau



    Bringing common sense, reality and TRUTH back to the forefront of the Battle to Save The West

    Thank You Freedom Convoy 2022 for bringing common sense, reality and TRUTH back to the forefront of the Battle to Save The West!

    As so many innocent little children wished you on video Friday and Saturday night, bringing tears to the eyes of so many who heard them:  “GOD BLESS YOU!”

    Judi McLeod is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience in the print media. A former Toronto Sun columnist, she also worked for the Kingston Whig Standard. Her work has appeared on Rush Limbaugh, Newsmax.com, Drudge Report, Foxnews.com.

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