From the People’s Cube: Hillary Fun Camp Activities


People’s Cube, a satirical website, will mark its 10th irrelevant year on April 1st (how fitting).  They recently put out this challenge:

 Hillary Clinton Wants to Send Citizens to Camps – Fun Camps!

“In the documentary footage above we see just one of the fun training activities that American adults can engage in, called “dig in and double down for progress.”

Let’s put our trained minds together and do some kollektive-sourcing. What are other fun activities would be good in adult fun camps?”

In our opinion poster Komissar al-Blogunov came up with the best suggestions:

Komissar al-Blogunov

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Let’s see,
  • The Email Server Hunt: It’s just like the snipe hunt; there is no server
  • The Scandal Game: One camper reaches into a “scandal jar” and pulls out a piece of paper with a scandal on it. After accusing a fellow camper of a scandal, the other camper says, “What difference, at this point, does it make!?”
  • The Riot Game: Have the campers burn down some buildings. The first camper who finds a video on somebody’s Obamaphone and shouts, “I know what caused the riot!” wins.
  • The Accomplishment Game: Gather all the campers into a room and have them write down all of their accomplishments. The camper with the shortest list wins.
  • Tall Tales Around the Campfire: The camper that can tell the most exaggerated story which incorporates the most details of the lives of other campers wins.
  • Whitewater Rafting: Each team tosses one member off their raft in a Class V or VI rapids. The team that most successfully convinces the local media it was a suicide wins.

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