From the People’s Cube: Railroad signs stolen for resembling the Confederate flag

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railroad_xing_sign_stock_by_synaptica_stock-d3epjtw.jpg A dangerous new fad called the “Railroad Sign Challenge,” where individuals steal a railroad crossing sign and post ‘selfies’ with it on the Internet, has been gaining momentum recently. A growing number of people have claimed that the warning signs alerting drivers of a railroad crossing ahead “bare too much resemblance to the Confederate flag” due to the large ‘X’ in the design. The general purpose of this movement is to persuade Departments Of Transportation in various states to come up with a less offensive warning sign.According to police officials, all the recently solved cases of sign theft involved individuals sympathetic to the movement to “ban the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and oppression.”

This prompted an advisory to Police Departments nationwide to pay special attention to vehicles with left-wing political bumper stickers in areas that have missing railroad crossing signs – a decision that led to public outcry in some traditionally progressive communities.

Detective Ray Jones of the Virginia State Police spoke to reporters about ongoing investigations, noting that the incidents are not isolated to any particular area. “We’ve had reports from all over the country this week,” he said. “We’ve been solving these cases quickly with the help from concerned citizens who send us links to the suspects’ Facebook pages where they post pictures of themselves with the stolen signs. When the perpetrators do that, they usually tag three or four people whom they challenge to do the same. Now we have three or four more perpetrators stealing signs, uploading their pictures, and challenging others. This causes the bizarre crime cycle to grow exponentially,” said Detective Jones.
Individuals who were caught with stolen signs have claimed that they did it because they were sick and tired of seeing all these offensive symbols of slavery on their daily commute.

In one such case, Brad Anderson, 48, of Portland, Oregon, was charged with Larceny of Public Property and Reckless Endangerment in the First Degree, when 24-year-old Casey Vanderbilt rolled her vehicle after failing to slow down before hitting a railroad track traveling at approximately 60 mph on June 22nd around 1 am.

The accident was caused by Anderson who stole the sign that would have warned her about the hazard ahead. Vanderbilt was hospitalized with two broken legs; her left arm and four ribs were also broken. She is expected to make a full recovery by next year.

Anderson, being a self described ‘unapologetic activist’ and a ‘racial Robin Hood’ stated that he believes “It is a small price to pay to change our society for the better. Hundreds of people from the northern states lost their lives fighting slavery. I don’t see how it’s any different today. True change has to come at a price, it’s not just gonna happen. It is unfortunate that a young woman was injured in the process, but police reports show she was going 60 in a 55 mph zone. She was the reckless one, not me.”

Police have been urging the public to stop stealing railroad signs because it needlessly endangers people traveling in cars, semi-trucks, school buses, and other moving vehicles that are legally obligated to stop at all railroad crossings. But despite pleas to progressive activists asking them not to steal public property, railroad signs continue to vanish across the nation at a steadily increasing rate.

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