Fundraising Friday: McKevett Elementary School in Santa Paula Holds Jog-a-thon

By Sheryl Hamlin

The megaphones Friday morning signaled something out of the ordinary. A rush to the sound yielded a field of happy kids in red t-shirts. Smiling parents watched. What could it be?


Photo Credit: Sheryl Hamlin

A mother watching from the fence told me it was a jogathon. Her fifth grader was participating to whom she smiled and waved. Realizing that I had missed out on this cultural phenomenon I researched the jogathon.

According to their website, viagra Jogathon has been operating since 1987 and has a history of helping schools raise money. Students get a packet of information including slips to sell laps. Sponsors commit to buy laps. Here is how the flow of funds works per Jogathon.

Financial Arrangements?

The financial arrangements are simple and as follows:

The school handles all the money (cash, checks and online pledges) in a special account.

The school controls and directly pays for all materials, supplies, postage and prizes. (These generally come to 10-15% of the gross receipts from the pledges.)

Jog-A-Thon provides the secure website, individualized pledge notices and thank-yous, sample communications and posters, technical support and reports. It receives 12.5% of the gross receipts from the pledges.

Now you are wondering, how are the laps counted? Jogathons has spawned another business: Uberthons. Uberthons provides tracking devices for such events. Only in America. The American Entrepreneur at work!

What a great way for exercise, views of the blue skies and mountains around Santa Paula and a little something for the schools treasury! For more information click here.


Sheryl Hamlin: With an MS in Industrial Engineering, Sheryl Hamlin spent years in technology with stints at Motorola, Tandem Computers and various startups. She has been on the boards of neighborhood organizations both in San Francisco and Palm Springs where planning issues were her specialty. She now resides in Santa Paula and loves the historic fabric of the city.  Ms. Hamlin’s blog Stealth Fashion  and  technology product ‘ Plug and Play Webmaster’.

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