Gab Launches Brand-New Job Board To Help Unvaccinated Americans

'Is your employer forcing you to inject a foreign substance into your body?'

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Thank you!!


I don’t work because of a disability but just have to say, there should be more people and places like this in today’s world and thank you for being there,… how can the world go so mad in such a short time ? we MUST make a stand as most are turning their backs on God, constitution, morals, ethics,…. stupid is the new smart, lies are the new truth, evil is the new good, WTF !

Mike Smith

You claim you’re not able to work because of a “disability” but you have no problem typing your comments into an alt-right rag full-o-lies. Looks like you are ABLE to work but would rather claim “disability” and suck off us taxpayers.

if you don’t wanna work at least shut t.f. up.


Mike Smith, how Rude you are! Just because ‘caretaker’ can read the news here and intelligently comment does not mean he/she can work. And we also don’t know whether or not Caretaker is on paid disability.
Your comment is RUDE and INSENSITIVE.

Remember Jeremiah 10:19   
Woe is me, because of my injury!
My wound is incurable.
But I said, “Truly this is a sickness,
And I must bear it.”

Mike Smith

Qualified to post but not qualified to work? Not buying it Tommy. I’d suggest a little healthy skepticism might help. Lots of people out there living off our tax dollars. Need to stop the spread of communism. Help the cause, don’t fall for the MSM liberal commie view that the government owes us and needs to take care of us.


It’s funny, growing up Christian I was taught to love others, and treat them as you would yourself. But now if you are considered a communist if you dare do such a thing.


I like how “caretaker” talks about God, then ends with WTF. I mean that’s a self own isn’t it?


Checking out my options. I currently work for NASA as a purchasing agent and will most likely be seeking other employment due to the mandate. Thank you for providing an option for us. I truly believe in medical freedom.


The gab site is too hard to search. Try it’s FREE to post jobs and search jobs.

Carmela Lewis

Where can I find the job postings and do you have home caregiving positions? Long Island, NY


Get the shot you idiots.

C. Collier

You want the koolaid, you’re free to have it. As for me, my safety is more important to me which is why I’m declining it. It’s already well known that the “vaccine” causes clotting, heart and neurological issues in the short term. We don’t know what the long term ill effects will be, as there hasn’t been a long term yet.


Americans are not smart enough to do that.


I think it’s safe to say that the definition of “freedom” in American now, “I do want I want, you do what I want, and I have zero responsibility to society.”
However, I’m old enough to remember when that was the definition of an “asshole”.


The vaccine does not prevent the spread of the virus (just one data point So while you may equate getting the shot with ‘being responsible’ you are just as responsible as someone who chooses not to


Great point !

Dark Horse Rising

Thank you for the link to the article, Tamara! Great information! Very well written and comprehensive.


Thanks Tamara, knew this plandemic had many layers, this helps me show others the many layers of coercion..

Mashelle Celeste Ames

I may have to make a huge decision soon, been with my company 27 years- great employee, but due to not wanting the vaccine, I may have to leave my job. I help take care of my elder mother– NOW what.. do I get the vaccine to help my mom….. My thought is……… I do not want to be a SLAVE to my employer, UP until now.. I have loved working for this company


Don’t quit, make them fire you.


If you get fired for refusing that vaccine you are ineligible for unemployment. Get the free shot.


So who are the businesses hiring without the jab. You going to share the list of companies.

Dark Horse Rising

Just click on the hyperlink in the article that reads “No Vax Mandate Job Board” (there’s a few of them in the article) and then just sign up and you’ll see the list of employers who are looking to hire unvaxxed people. No different than other job boards only this focuses on helping to find employment for unvaccinated people.


And these employees will slowly die off