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    Gaines Report — California Fish and Game Commission Update — April 2020

    This Gaines & Associates “California Fish and Game Commission Update” is intended to provide our clients with the status of items of concern currently in front of the California Fish and Game Commission – including what to expect at this week’s teleconference meeting of the Commission, and a recap of what took place at the Commission’s February 2020 meeting in Sacramento.

    This “Gaines Report” is client privileged and provided as a service to clients of Gaines & Associates.

    For more information on any of the issues below, or more detail on our efforts to protect and promote our client’s interests, please contact us at [email protected]

    CALIFORNIA FISH & GAME COMMISSION – April 2020 Meeting Agenda

    The April 2020 meeting of the California Fish and Game Commission (Commission) is a two-day meeting teleconference scheduled for Wednesday, April 15th, and Thursday, April 16th.

    To listen to the audio only “Live Stream” visit FGC Meeting Audio

    To view presentations made during the meeting visit at FGC Mtg Presentations

    For instructions on how to provide public comment during the meeting visit FGC Mtg – Public Comment

    All agenda items of interest and concern to clients of Gaines & Associates are highlighted below:

    To view the full agenda, click FGC – April 2020 Mtg Agenda

    Wednesday, April 15, 2020 – 10:00 AM

    Agenda Item 2 – Emergency Regulation Concerning Suspending, Delaying or Restricting Sport and Recreational Fishing

    Under this agenda item, the Commission will consider adopting an emergency regulation authorizing the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to temporarily suspend, delay, or restrict sport and recreational fishing in specific areas within the state when necessary to protect public health from the threat posed by COVID-19

    Serious concern and speculation generated by the Commission’s effort to schedule an “emergency” teleconference/webinar meeting last week dealing with this agenda topic created such an uproar that the angling community overwhelmed phone and internet access and the meeting had to be canceled and rescheduled under this agenda item.

    However, much of the concern was caused by inaccurate information and erroneous rumors ranging from the Commission and/or DFW calling for a statewide fishing shutdown, sweeping local closures, and/or even long-term closures to both hunting and fishing seasons. To help get accurate information on the street and ease the fears of anglers, Gaines & Associates was pleased to work with DFW Director Chuck Bonham to distribute a “DFW Fact Sheet” which separated “fact from fiction” last weekend. To view the “DFW Fact Sheet”, click DFW Fact Sheet

    To review the complete Commission staff summary for agenda item 2, click FGC Staff Summary – Emergency Reg

    Thursday, April 16, 2020 – 9:00 AM

    Agenda Item 3 – Executive Director’s Report

    (A) Staff Report
    (B) Legislative Report and Possible Action
    I. Discuss recent legislative actions and consider authorizing staff visits to legislative members to share the Commission’s 150-year history

    II. Discuss the DFW’s Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3) Initiative in conjunction with moving forward with potential “365 day” fishing license legislation.

    This agenda item is intended to allow Commission Executive Director Melissa Miller-Henson to provide an update on staffing and legislative information.

    Note that Commission staff will recommend that item 3(B) be continued to the June 2020 meeting. To review the Commission staff summary on agenda item 3(A), click FGC Staff Summary – Staff Report

    A Commission staff summary is not available for agenda item 3(B).

    Agenda Item 13 – Strategic Planning

    Strategic planning is a standing item on Commission meeting agendas as the Commission develops a new strategic plan. Under this item Commission staff is to provide an update on the strategic planning effort and review feedback provided by Commissioners and the public regarding potential revisions to the mission and draft goals, potentially adopt draft goals and a revised mission statement, and provide direction on a draft plan.

    Note that Commission staff will recommend that this item be continued to the June 2020 meeting.

    Gaines & Associates was pleased to work with our clients and partners in conservation to provide detailed comments to the Commission earlier this week on the latest drafts of their strategic planning documents.

    To view the comment cover letter signed by 24 conservation organizations, click Coalition Cover Letter – FGC Strat Plan Comments

    To read the full report:  Gaines Report — California Fish and Game Commission Update — April 2020 (2)




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