Gas Tax Repeal ‘Correction’ Mailer on Proposition 6 Causes ‘No’ Campaign to Howl

By Chriss Street

A highly effective mailer sent on Tuesday by the “Yes on Proposition 6” gas tax repeal campaign titled “Election Ballot Correction” caused an uproar by the “No” campaign.

Reform California leader Carl DeMaio was extremely upbeat Wednesday over the spectacular free media coverage stirred up by his organization’s first “Yes on Prop 6” campaign mailer, titled “Election Ballot **Correction**,” that started showing up on October 9 in the mailboxes of two million Californians who have signed up for vote by mail.

DeMaio told Breitbart News that despite grass-roots advocates submitting an initiative with over 1 million signatures to repeal the gas tax, repeal the vehicle fee increase, and require a statewide vote of the people to raise the gas taxes in the future, the California Attorney General had assigned Proposition 6 a misleading official title: “Voter Approval for Future Gas and Vehicle Taxes and 2017 Tax Repeal Initiative (2018).”

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William Hicks
William Hicks
2 years ago

This is a leadership failure by both democrat and republican politicians in California. democrats, created this law and republicans failed to stop it.

William Hicks
William Hicks
2 years ago

It takes an ever vigilant Citizenry to maneuver through the hurdles politicians put in front of them. This is a case in point.