Gas tax repeal petitions available starting Black Friday

AG’s office issues deceptive Title and Summary but that won’t stop Californians from repealing new gas tax – Petitions available statewide starting on Black Friday

SACRAMENTO, CA – -Today, California’s Attorney General issued another deceptive ballot measure title and summary in an obvious attempt to fool voters about the new gas and car tax. His political games will not slow down momentum behind the repeal effort. Petitions will be available statewide by Black Friday.

Give Voters A Voice is a sponsor of the Constitutional Amendment that repeals the recently enacted gas and car taxes and requires voter approval for future gas and car tax increases.

“This is the first and only official gas tax repeal petition to hit the streets with signature gathering statewide and we anticipate that voters will be flocking to our tables to sign,” said U.S. Representative Mimi Walters, an Honorary Co-Chair of the measure.

The bill passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor allows these new higher gas taxes to be spent on bike lanes, but not on new roads or highways. In fact, none of the funds raised by the higher gas tax can be spent on increasing capacity on our clogged highways.

“The gas tax is proof-positive that Sacramento Democrats are at war with working families,” said San Diego businessman John Cox, who is an Honorary State Chairman of the Give Voters A Voice initiative campaign.

The gas tax increase has given California the distinction of having the highest gas prices in the nation, with even higher prices around the corner. By 2021, many Californians will be paying close to $2 a gallon extra because of taxes, fees and other government created costs – that’s almost $40 extra every time you fill up your car. 


By Give Voters A Voice


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