Gas taxes go up at midnight


Fill your tank before the Democrats 12-cents a gallon tax hike takes effect.

Tomorrow, courtesy of the legislative majority party, the price of gas goes up 12-cents a gallon and diesel goes up 20-cents a gallon in California. And there is no guarantee those dollars will fix our roads. I voted NO on this measure, for good reason.

  • Will that money all go to fund roads? NO. Already 30% of it has been siphoned off for other projects.
  • Will these taxes end after 10 years and can they only be used for transportation? Not only are the taxes and fees permanent, they automatically increase annually beginning in 2020 and the money can be reallocated with a simple majority vote.
  • Will these dollars will be used for the High-Speed Rail project? Yes.

What the legislature does with your money is a shell game!

VIDEO: Senator Wilk on Gas Tax


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