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Email  – [email protected]

I do not have a website. Your questions are all answered in the information below, except that I previously served on the Simi Valley City Council in the 1970’s.  I moved to Santa Paula in 1990.

Taking action and getting results!  I have served on the City Council for the last 4 years, working with you for a better Santa Paula by:

  • Fixing the City’s finances;
  • Replacing City management;
  • Hiring more police officers;
  • Taking steps to retain quality employees;
  • Annexing to the County Fire District;
  • Keeping our bus fares low;
  • Establishing a new Senior Festival;
  • Repairing the railroad crossings throughout the City;
  • Creating the Youth Council,
  • Leading the City Council effort to stop the Peaker Plant;
  • Enabling the start of East Area One construction. 

There is more to do. I have the skills, energy, enthusiasm, expertise and vision to assist the City with these efforts to:

  • Aggressively repair and repave our streets;
  • Fully fund and build our 37 acre community park, including the aquatics center;
  • Rebuild or replace our police station, as recommended by the Grand Jury;
  • Address homeless issues;
  • Replace our Red-Tagged and unsafe Corporation/Operations Yard; and,
  • Adopt fair water and sewer rates.


I am a longtime member of the Santa Paula Rotary Club working on the Pumpkin Patch, the Christmas Baskets, Christmas Stockings for the convalescent hospital and the Third Grade Dictionaries project.  I helped establish the Santa Paula Art Museum, helped lead the effort for Santa Paula School Unification and each year I help bring Fourth of July Fireworks to Santa Paula. I also served on the County Fair Board for 10 years.  Before retirement, I was the Executive Director of the Ventura County Transportation Commission and was responsible for funding or creating:

Santa Paula Bicycle Path – Santa Paula Branch Railroad Line – Restoration/Conversion of the Mill to the Ventura County Agriculture Museum – funding for the Warning Statue and the Green Alley project –   VISTA Bus System –  Metrolink – Dial-A-Rides including the Valley Express – Gazebo and Depot Restoration – Many millions of federal and state dollars for highway projects throughout the County.

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Scott Paul

Hey, you could make a big splash with a swim center. And who cares about potholes. We’re talking Santa Paula here, not Beverly Hills.


I just received your flyer in the mail yesterday, unbelievably, touting A SWIM CENTER while the Citizens are driving on roads that are ruining our cars, destroying items in the car because of bouncing around on our POTHOLES. Did you ever drive up 10th St. from the RR to the hospital? Have you ever driven on on the streets streets in this area toward the hospital, La Vuelta, Mill, Loma Vista, Terrasina? The streets are a mess! And someone should do some-thing about them, but no, you want a swimming pool, fireworks, skateboard “pool” (which is almost never used). Do we want a swimming pool in a city where people constantly SPIT ON THE STREETS AND SIDEWALKS, THINK NOTHING OF THROWING TRASH ON THE GROUND, DON’T PICK UP THEIR DOG’S POOP? How about you start concentrating on important things and not FIREWORKS AND SWIMMING POOLS? FIRST THINGS FIRST PLEASE. I WILL NOT VOTE FOR YOU BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT KIND OF THINGS YOU PROMOTE AND YOU SPEND TOO MUCH TIME IN PROMOTING THE ROTARY CLUB. We are the UGLYIST little town near the coast. Drive over to Ventura, you can hardly get around because they are working on their streets. Go to the Von’s mall and LOOK DOWN. Nastiest sidewalks and streets I have ever seen. I moved here from Valencia where the people are proud of their streets and malls. This place is awful. Do something about cleaning it up and I don’t mean HANGING FLOWERS. DO YOU EVER THINK OF WHY THIS TOWN HAS SO MANY EMPTY STORES — BECAUSE IT IS UGLY, NASTY, AND UNCOMFORTABLE TO WALK DOWN THE SIDEWALKS. FORGET THE POOL, THE PARK, THE MONUMENTS AND TAKE CARE OF THE PEOPLES’ ACTUAL NEEDS, ESPECIALLY DECENT STREETS AND CLEAN SIDEWALKS.