Glitch in CA primary sample ballots/procedures confusing voters statewide

CA-Secretary-of-StateBy George Miller

Numerous people receiving sample ballots were confused last week. Republicans are shocked. Most Republicans running were not listed as Republican candidates. Some aren’t listed at all. Some Republicans were endorsed by the American Independent Party and show as such on the ballot.

With the sample ballot already out and absentee ballots going out this week, people are scrambling to research candidates. The sample ballot is not as helpful as it could be, especially for an already beleaguered CA Republican Party.

The local sample ballot shows endorsed candidates for Green, Peace & Freedom, American Independent Party and Democratic Party, but not the Republican Party. Some unendorsed candidates are shown below with Party Affiliation. Some are shown as endorsed by the American Independent Party, but does not show their primary affiliation as Republicans.

A Ventura County Sample ballot: SampleBalloVCt05-14


It seems that this is attributable to a combination of Proposition 14, Republican procedures and state procedures for sample ballots.

Republican and Ventura County government sources informed us of the following (their stories were consistent):

– Ventura County Republican Party endorsements (very few were made pre-primary) were done after the filing deadline.

– Sample ballot is driven by state GOP endorsements, which are not made until after the primary.

– The juxtaposition of Republican procedures, Prop 14 changes, state government procedures made for very confusing results.

– “The results made it look like the Republican Party doesn’t exist,” said one well-informed party source.

Official California Republican Party statement on the situation:

Sample Ballots

We understand there is confusion over the sample ballot voters have received. This may be due to the California Republican Party not listing any endorsed candidates, and other parties endorsing Republicans. The deadline to submit endorsements for the sample ballot was before the filing deadline for all candidates, so the CRP did not know the full field of Republicans running for office. Additionally, it is important to note that other political parties can endorse Republicans, even if it is not the preference of that candidate. Republican voters should look for candidates who are Republicans. If it is a contested race, we encourage voters to make an informed decision between the two or more Republicans running.

See more and endorsements:

Other organizations are also endorsing candidates, but these will not appear on the ballot, so do your own research.

Candidate list:

See previous story on this topic including images of sample ballots:



George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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One Response to Glitch in CA primary sample ballots/procedures confusing voters statewide

  1. William "Bill" Hicks May 8, 2014 at 9:01 am

    This whole thing further erodes the strength of the republican party “leadership” in California. By their own lack of involvement, they have become irrelevant.

    Some may have a different opinion than mine, but my guess is that the party in California needs new leadership. They will be as irrelevant as the POTUS if they continue to lead from behind.


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