“Go Fund Yourself”: Planned Parenthood Protesting

What does it all mean? Where is it going?

FeatureArticleBy George Miller

We were wondering: what was the point of CitizensJournal.us covering still another of the endless Planned Parenthood and Pro-life protests, which have been going on for decades? What exactly is being accomplished by all of these? And what about the recent arson at the Thousand Oaks facility?

Roe v Wade has been upheld. Abortion is “legal” in all 50 states. An estimated 57 million (unborn) people have been aborted in the U.S. alone since 1973. Planned Parenthood performs about a third of those annually. It is settled. Or is it? Yet, the protests persist. Why? We received some answers to those questions on Saturday, in front of the Planned Parenthood facility at 5400 Ralston Street, Ventura, CA.

PP10-10-15 039

Pro-life activists at 10-10-15 Ventura Planned Parenthood protest. Photo: CitizensJournal.us

This was part of still another national day of protest, which happened in the context of the huge impact of the release of the Center for Medical Progress videos, coming out regularly, exposing questionable, even allegedly illegal, actions by Planned Parenthood and its vendors/customers. This is a game-changer and has re-energized the movement like never before. Also, there was the arson incident at the Thousand Oaks Planned Parenthood facility. That location was almost totally ignored by demonstrators of either faction on Saturday morning.

There were about a hundred people at the saturday Ventura event (325 at the 8-22-15 event), nearly all Pro-Life. It was peaceful, religious, calmly passionate and determined. Pro-life people stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Pro-Abortion, or as they prefer to say, Pro-Choice, demonstrators, without incidents.

Although this event contained the usual prayers, it was much heavier on reporting the facts, why these actions are deemed wrong and what to actually do about abortion and selling baby parts.


We asked a woman, who identified herself as Carol Bohner, why she was here: 

Event speakers:

Anna Murphy, Co-Organizer, Defenders of Life

Lila Rose, President, Live Action (not present, but a recorded speech was played). Listen:

Mary Rose Short, Ojai activist, daughter of Chief Legal Counsel representing Center for Medical Progress litigation

Father O’Sullivan, local Catholic priest who did invocation

Andrea Rodriguez, a senior at Buena High and active in the pro-life club

Tom Van Hoven, Teaches “Healing of Families,” at Santa Clara Church, Oxnard

Mary Ann Sambrofelli, Executive Director, Ventura Pregnancy Center

Event handout: 10-10-15 PP protest handout

PP10-10-15 035

Some selected quotes by PP employees on the Center for Medical Progress videos, at 10-10-15 Ventura Planned Parenthood Protest. Photo: CitizensJournal.us

Speaker and Defenders of Life event co-organizer Anna Murphy stressed the wrongness of what Planned Parenthood is doing, but went beyond just urging prayers for the victims and the guilty.  She advocated talking to as many people as possible to hold those responsible accountable by exposing the actions of “evildoers” in “killing babies and selling their body parts,” then pressuring politicians to take action, including defunding Planned Parenthood and more.

She said the protests and political action will continue until Planned Parenthood is defunded and beyond that until it is shut down. Currently, there are multiple Congressional investigations of Planned Parenthood in progress, but we are not aware of any Department of Justice actions.

She said: “Nobody grows up wanting to go into the abortion business,”  and that movement activists have counseled people out of jobs in the industry and helped them get established in other industries.

Speakers and some other other attendees strongly protested CA AB-775, a bill signed by Governor Brown only a day before, which would force organizations providing pregnancy services to help promote abortions. There is talk of litigating it.

More than one speaker advocated bypassing hostile “mainstream media,” such as NBC, CBS, ABC, etc., in favor of blogs, alternative media, social media, email, etc. to get the Pro-Life message out, to persuade people to spread the message and demand defunding and an end to the carnage. Murphy suggested calling hard-core abortion advocate officials such as Congresswoman Julia Brownley, to protest her stance on the issue. She also advocated continuing pressure there “as long as Brownley isn’t replaced by an anti-child killing representative in DC.” She “wants the world to see what happens inside Planned Parenthood and America.”

Summary of comments by Lila Rose on October 7, 2015 (written by Co-Organizer Ed Wurts):

We must stand up to the abortion industry peacefully, lovingly and boldly for the women and for our culture.

It now is a question of WHEN not IF Planned Parenthood will be defunded and abortion will be ended in this country.  For us individually, it comes to: “What role we will I play?”

We need to progress from here to being more involved and committed.  We no longer need to rely on ABC, NBC, etc. but use social media to put powerful pressure on the mainstream media, on politicians and on Planned Parenthood.  It is a whole different game now with these investigative videos demonstrating that Planned Parenthood takes born alive babies and callously kills them for money.  We can speak the truth to take direct action now.

We have all the resources we need to draw the attention of the public to:

  • the truth is on our side
  • we, particularly the young people, being the heart beat of this movement
  • mainstream media can’t handle it when confronted by young, peaceful, loving, and passionate people speaking the truth.

The mainstream media wants it all covered up and they hate seeing young people, with your loving and caring approach, calling them out for their crimes.

So, the KEY is being persistent.  We are in the middle of the fight now.  Share your knowledge.

A lot of American have not seen the videos and so are discrediting them and the activists that filmed them.  WE MUST BE FEARLESS AND PATIENT.  It takes work.  Don’t let up.  We know of the torture that the babies and the mothers endure.  We must FIND NEW AND CREATIVE WAYS TO OVERCOME THIS LACK OF THE PUBLIC’S KNOWLEDGE.

The mainstream media wants us to quit.  We know how extraordinarily devastating to Planned Parenthood it is that the public knows the truth.  So, here are some ideas for you to continue being involved:

  1. Be PATIENT, PERSISTENT and LOVING – THAT IS THE KEY. At work and at school and elsewhere, be patient and loving to those who have not learned and embraced the truths.
  2. EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Be ready to give an apologist’s explanation, which does not mean “apologizing” for what you know, but personally giving an answer to their questions in a conversation.  Study these issues so you can ask questions as to where they are; learn what specific problems they are troubled about right then.
  3. COME FROM A POSITION OF LOVE. Let the person know you care about him or her as a fellow human, not just tell them what they must believe.  There has never been a human rights/life issue like this in history of this country: over 50 million humans killed. WE MUST UNDERPIN OUR PASSION WITH A DEEP LOVE OF GOD AND APPRECIATION OF THE BORN AND THE UNBORN.  “Love the least of these.”   Go sit with God; pray through this.  Speak the truth to the world.
  4. Watch all the FULL videos and be able to describe Planned Parenthood’s activities well. Go around the neighborhood.

God does not lose battles…at the end of the day the battle is His.  Our job is in front of us – get the information to the public.

Underage teens are the most powerful witnesses and so are constant targets.  The abortion industry promotes sex before marriage, sees the under-aged as most vulnerable to their tactics, etc.

From high school to fresh out of college are the best counter witnesses: it is a powerful statement to politicians and media when young adults speak out and live their lives contrary to the abortion industry’s desires.

Here’s what we have learned, from attendees, speakers, literature handed out and signs:

– It appears that pro-choice advocates are in the majority. But more and more people are not supportive of abortion. Some are flat out opposed to it on moral grounds. Others would like to see alternative solutions and make abortions far rarer.

– About half of the American public have heard of the Center for Medical Progress undercover exposé videos of Planned Parenthood employees and vendors talking about cutting up aborted babies and selling the parts. This has resulted in wave of revulsion against those deeds and the perpetrators.  The protest movement correctly reasons that even many people OK with abortion would draw the line at this. One protest sign even said something like: “if the videos were about puppy parts sold it would stop tomorrow.”

– Planned Parenthood and some other pro-abortion forces have told the public that the videos were altered and did not reflect what actually occurred.

– Forensic analysis has revealed that the videos were not altered, although short versions were edited down, annotated and long versions appear to be intact.

– Planned Parenthood has not denied that their employees said and did what was on the videos. In fact, they are instead taking action against the Center for Medical Progress for making and distributing the videos.

– The protesters, at a minimum, want Planned Parenthood defunded of government money, which they said is “fungible.” In plain English, that means that government money frees up money used on other services and overhead  to be used for the over 300,000+ annual Planned Parenthood abortions.

– The protest movement intends to heavily use the videos, which it regards as a Godsend, to help make people aware of what is going on in their communities and being funded indirectly by them, to build sentiment for defunding and ultimately shutting down Planned Parenthood.

– The protest movement wants people to know that other organizations also provide non-abortion services and are more deserving of peoples’ money.


The Executive Director of one of those services,  Mary Ann Sambrofelli (below) of  Ventura Pregnancy Center, was protesting and speaking at the event. By the way, she is a former client of Planned Parenthood, who eventually reconsidered her position and acted on it.

From VPC web site:

Services Are Free & Confidential.
Pregnancy tests, confidential counseling, non-medical ultrasound, abstinence education, information on fetal development and risks and procedures. We also maintain clothes closets where clients can obtain maternity and baby clothes as well as baby furniture and supplies. All our services are provided free of charge and our clients’ information is kept strictly confidential.

PP10-10-15 008

Mary Ann Sambrofelli, Executive Director, Ventura Pregnancy Center, protesting Planned Parenthood. Photo: CitizensJournal.us


PP10-10-15 054


PP10-10-15 052

Across the street, at 10-10-15 Ventura, CA Planned Parenthood protest. Photo: CitizensJournal.us


The event was organized (see below) by Defenders of Life leaders Ed Wurts (red shirt) of Ventura and Anna Murphy (blue/white stripes) . In the center is an event speaker, Mary Rose Short, of Ojai.

PP10-10-15 069

Photo: CitizensJournal.us


Pro-Planned Parenthood Demonstrators

There were also a very few pro-Planned Parenthood demonstrators present. They were across the street from Planned Parenthood, right next to Pro-Life people. No fights, no shouting, just both groups advocating their beliefs, without much interaction.  The Pro PP folks believe in the PP mission, not just abortion, but the other services provided.  They claim that 97% of the PP services are the latter. However that 3% of the services accounts for nearly a third of a million abortions annually.

PP10-10-15 044

Pro-Abortion demonstrators across the street from Ventura Planned Parenthood, nearly shoulder-to-shoulder with Pro-Life protesters on 10-10-15. Photo: CitizensJournal.us

We have been told by pro-abortion advocates that it is “a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body.” This seems like the essence of freedom and free choice. Only one problem: it involves the destruction of other human beings, although embryonic ones, at various stages of development, without consulting those beings. But they are somewhat below the age of consent. So, should the mother make such life or death decisions? Then, there are also the cases of pregnancies caused by rape, or badly deformed/disease fetuses and mothers’ lives in danger. Even many Pro-Life people would make exceptions in such cases, so it is not so clear-cut for everyone.

Some pro-abortion advocates believe that abortion as necessary for population control and that contraception and abstinence will never adequately work. They feel that the benefit of abortion to achieve this outweighs the downside.

We’re also told that it is “settled law,” that abortion is OK, because the Supreme Court ruled it so in the highly controversial, and some say, flawed “Roe v Wade” case ruling in 1973.  The Catholic Church and many other religious organizations hold that it is wrong, sinful. The Bible is interpreted the same way.

PP10-10-15 068

A harder line, at Ventura Planned Parenthood protest, 10-101-15. Photo: CitizensJournal.us


Arson at Thousand Oaks Planned Parenthood 

There have been two incidents of vandalism at the Planned Parenthood facility on Hillcrest Drive. The most recent one a couple of weeks ago, a firebombing,  caused enough damage to close the facility. It is now reopened, but still undergoing restoration needed to address damage caused by smoke and sprinklers running.

Virtually everyone we talked to or read of on this strongly condemned the criminal action. The protesters are peaceful. They do not believe in violence except in self defense, some of them not even that.  However, at least one person seemed to think PP abortions merit such a response. A few told us that taking the law into your own hands is as bad as the offense itself and that it won’t help the pro-life movement either. Two were incensed that local “Liberal media” condemned the arson, but seemed unconcerned by the carnage occurring in the same building.

PP10-10-15 042

10-10-15 Ventura Planned Parenthood protest. Photo: CitizensJournal.us


PP10-10-15 027

10-10-15 Ventura Planned Parenthood protest. Photo: CitizensJournal.us


PP10-10-15 036

Pro-Life protestors pray for the souls of the aborted, those who did/supported it at 10-10-15 Ventura Planned Parenthood protest. Photo: CitizensJournal.us



We also attended the last big event there on 8-22-15- read story, below:

Protests of Planned Parenthood in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Canoga Park, Santa Barbara and 347 nationwide

Protests of Planned Parenthood in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Canoga Park, Santa Barbara and 347 nationwide

Feature By George Miller- Pro-life advocates staged hundreds of rallies Saturday across the nation to protest Planned Parenthood’s (PP) abortion and baby-parts selling activities.  Included regionally were offices in Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Canoga Park and Santa Barbara PP offices. In Los Angeles, there was another event in Lawndale and more elsewhere in the L.A. metro […]

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William "Bill" Hicks

“It is settled, or is it?”

Things can change. There are many examples to prove it. Just Imagine if Dread Scott were still settled law. Blacks would be considered as less than 100% human and only their masters would be able to use the percentage of their humanness to vote with.

Settled Law, Really?