GOCARE, an International Educational Nonprofit opens new learning centers with help from Rotary Grant

viagra 40mg arial, doctor sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>GOCARE, Inc. a nonprofit headquartered in Ventura County, has delivered needed education in Nicaragua for the last 15 years. In 2014, GOCARE received a $219,000 Rotary Foundation Grant to furnish and equip three new learning centers that were set to open in 2015 and this year.

GOCARE’s local and California based management team met with Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Exterior – which approves new building and construction taking place on Nicaragua land – and reached a positive agreement to rehabilitate two of these new learning centers, one in Cuajachillo Dos and the other in La Union. A third facility will be built near Pantanal.

With the construction work finalized in Cuajachillo Dos, the habilitation process in La Union is set to take place this month. “The center in Cuajachillo Dos looks beautiful. The transformation was truly amazing,” says Michelle Cekov President of GOCARE. “It was hard to believe that I was looking at the same facility that just a few months earlier was a rusted out shell of a building. The fresh paint, drywall and dropped ceilings have truly made the building feel and look like a place where you want to learn. The staff is still getting everything setup and we will be ready for a full schedule of programs in February with the librarian and director starting work in January.”

During December, interviews for staff members and applications for prospective students took place at an open house. As part of the arrangement with the Ministry of Education, curriculum includes an advanced computer program as well as English courses. In addition, GOCARE will also offer adult education programs at the center. The organization’s librarian from Pantanal has already inventoried the books for the new library and will be training the librarian for the new center.

The second center, La Union’s – refurbishment plans have begun and the building is projected to be ready by the end of February where GOCARE will repeat the process of hiring. Once again, the community will have a source of jobs and a safe place for community education to grow like it has for thousands of students over the years. From there, the plan is to build the third brand new facility just outside of Pantanal which will offer the traditional educational programs such as college prep, afterschool programs, computer labs and its own vocational programs such as beauty, sewing and cooking.

The educational programs will expand significantly in 2016. Cuajachillo Dos and La Union are both remote communities and will now have the opportunity to learn about computers or English language, not currently available in their communities.

“We’re so thrilled to see the expansion of learning centers for our students,” said Jeanette Stevens, Executive and Charitable Board Director of GOCARE in Nicaragua. “It’s really nice to see the students be in a fresh new learning environment and our goal is that this will help improve their studies with up-to-date computers, books, desks, chairs and more. We are forever grateful to the Rotary for the grant so this was all possible.”

GOCARE will continue to provide quality educational opportunities to people living in extreme poverty. The education that the students receive will be invaluable to their futures. They will become the future leaders in their communities and will “Come Back to Give Back” which will make their communities stronger.



gocareGOCARE Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity headquartered in Ventura, Calif. Throughout its tenure, GOCARE Inc. has worked closely with local residents and communities to create and implement educational, health and economic development programs into its curriculum, including adult education through reading and math, university prep, university scholarships, computer instruction, English instruction and vocational training.

GOCARE Inc. is a legal nongovernmental organization that has been recognized by the Nicaragua Ministry of Education as an exemplary model for adult education courses. Many volunteers who devote countless hours and have a strong commitment to the organization, help in the community center every day by mentoring and helping students excel in their studies. To date, GOCARE Inc. has served more than 15,000 students and helped over 4,000 students graduate from its programs with the core philosophy of the “Come Back to Give Back” mentorship and leadership. While pursuing college degrees, students become mentors and leaders within their Nicaraguan communities and help “give back” by teaching others to assist them out of extreme poverty into a bright, successful future.

In addition, GOCARE annually sponsors Academia de Liderazgo de la Juventud (ALJ) which is an intensive leadership camp filled with activities designed to develop leadership and self-improvement skills for youth.+

For more information about GOCARE Inc. or to make a donation, please call 805-275-4366 or visit www.gocarekids.org.


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