God’s Chaos Candidate:  Donald J. Trump and The American Unraveling

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(Editor’s Note:  The following excerpt is taken with permission from Chapter 1:  “America’s Fourth Crucible” of Dr. Lance Wallnau’s recently released book on “God Chaos Candidate:  Donald J. Trump and The American Unraveling.”)


 “Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness,” writes Dr. Lance Wallnau in his Sept. 30th book,  “Leaders were actively looking for a hopeful deliverer—a conservative Christian presidential  candidate who would make things right.

 “Into this setting, a rugged wilderness voice emerged—Donald J. Trump.  The moment he began speaking the entire conversation shifted.  Trump gave nervous evangelicals a gift that many of them lacked—the gift of boldness.  Here was a man who had opinions.  He didn’t speak in the calculated talking points of a politician.  His delivery, with a slight accent from Queens, NY, was simple and direct.  His emergence is such  a destabilizing threat to the vast deal making machinery embedded in both parties that he has the unique distinction of being rejected by both liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans at the same time.

“Most Christians don’t know the nature and extent of the organization they are up against.  They just know that the deterioration of America  has accelerated over the last decade.  They never uncovered the machinery that was built to break down and destroy the influence of conservatives and Christians.

“After the election losses in 2000… a handful of smart and extremely wealthy liberals…came together (they called themselves the ‘Thunder Road Group’) ..and did a 360 degree assessment of the strengths of the conservative movement.  Where they saw strength they created a counter strategy to call into existence new single issue organizations that would target each of these areas and break them down.

“In essence, they laid siege works against the conservative movement’s  greatest strengths.  Where no Leftist organization existed to take on the task, they created one.  When campaign finance was reformed a loophole was found.  This loophole allowed for the creation of organizations called 527’s—associations organized for the purpose of influencing an issue and capable of receiving unlimited funds!

  • They need a think tank, so they created Center for American Progress.
  • They needed a media operation for all the 527s, so they created the Media Fund and Media Matters.
  • They needed to dig up dirt in opposition research, so they created Citizens

for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).

  • They needed to organize Hollywood and hold concerts to get out the vote,

so they created America Votes.

  • They needed a vast funding source, so with George Soros’ help .they created the Open Society and Democracy Alliance.
  • They needed a social technology movement, so they drafted MoveOn.org.

“Once their strategy was in place, they called together a private audience with 100 leaders who could each contribute 1 million dollars to the new strategy.  With 100 million dollars they began to remake America!

“Over the years this group has grown and become the most powerful political coalition in history—built and sustained by coordinated giving and a central strategy.

“Thunder Road built a siege engine, a machine whose infrastructure now dwarfs conservatism’s in size, scope and sophistication.  It has been setting and helping to impose the national agenda that has changed America since 2000, and it kicked into high gear with President Obama in 2008.  Since then it has morphed and expanded.”

“The ‘shadow cabinet’…a group of billionaires, millionaires, politicians, consultants, academic and activists…exerting a great deal of influence…bullying the majority of the people of this country.   Their access to media and academic intimidates those who would like to push back.

“The decline you see is not an accident—it is a policy objective.  Since the 1960s, there has been a continuous movement at work to remake America.  And now we have come to the defining moment.  If this decline continues for one more presidential cycle, America as we know it will cease to exist.

“Believers who obsess over President Obama’s role in the unraveling of America miss the big picture.  He is not the architect—he is the accelerator.  Thunder Road is the ‘shadow cabinet’ behind the scenes coordinating the uprising and media coverage, but there is a spirit even behind that.  The root can be defined as a powerful resurgence of a lawless spirit that is rooted in the radicals of the 1960s.  The difference between 1960 and now is that the radicals have changed their tactics and learned how to achieve their desired end result.

“The protesters became the professors and the disciples of Saul Alinsky have become the apostles of community organizing at a national level.  They do so by taking seats at the gates of influence where they have the power to shape and manipulate public policy and perception.

 “Imagine the impact on religious liberty when courts with a liberal majority hear cases by the “Human Rights Campaign”—America’s largest civil rights organization advancing lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality

“(We have) a call to keep an eye on our government, universities and thought leaders.  Watch who is shaping the minds of the populace and what they are feeding them!

“This is the story of the United States.  While we preached and prayed, the Left discipled the nation.  Perhaps we need our own Thunder Road?

“In Isaiah 45, God prophesied that He would raise up a ruler named Cyrus, and this was announced 150 years before the man was born.  Cyrus is mentioned by name 30 times in the Bible, and it was the Cyrus decree that authorized the return of the Jews to Jerusalem to rebuild the  house of God.  It was also this decree that empowered Nehemiah to build his wall.

“Cyrus, a secular ruler and a non-Jews, was not only anointed, but God also called him ‘My shepherd.’

“I believe Trump is the chaos candidate who has been set apart by God to navigate us through the chaos coming to America.  I think America is due for a shaking regardless of whom is in office.  I believe the 45th president is meant to be an Isaiah 45 Cyrus.  With him in office, we will have authority in the Spirit to build the house of the Lord and restore the crumbling walls that separate us from cultural collapse.

“Don’t think you can hide.  YOU are an impediment to their agenda.  In the end they are coming for you—Hillary’s basket of ‘deplorables.’  What’s troublesome is that many liberals don’t like each other but they are willing to work together for their collective cause, while we Christians are on the opposite side like each other but refuse to work together. 

So here is my theory: “We the people of God, have let the nation drift.  Because we have not engaged our primary assignment of discipling our own nation, God is doing something that none of us expected.  God has not left us.  He continues to walk with this nation that once honored Him but now disregards Him by choosing a man  who has not known Him to reveal Himself to him in the crucible of service.  By choosing a man that has not known Him, to meet Him, and shape him in the crucible it is likely the nation will be shaped in the same manner also.

“The future of America is quite literally in our hands.  History will happen in a matter of days.  Weill we show up or will we miss this moment?   I believe the church in America will decide this vote.”


(Note:  Dr. Lance Wallnau is promoting the sharing of Chapter 1 of his new book.  See www.GodChaosCandidate.com)


 (Editor’s Note:  Dr. Lance Wallnau acknowledges Kim Clement for a prophecy a few years ago stating that Donald A. Trump would be “God’s Trumpet.”  He also credits Jeb Bush for referring to Trump as “the chaos candidate.”  Dr. Wallnau, is an international speaker, life coach and business consultant best known for is writings and work on The Seven Mountains of culture that make up society:  1) Religion 2) Family 3) Education 4) Government 5) News Media 6) Entertainment and 7) Business/Economics.)

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  1. William "Bill" Hicks October 29, 2016 at 11:21 am

    They could determine the election or they could not show on election day just like some of them did on the last presidential election.

    Look what we got from that.


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