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    Godspeak Calvary Pastor Rob McCoy warns of the Extinction Rebellion

    By Michael Hernandez

    The name of Jesus declared at the Republican National Convention: I never have seen that at any other convention

    NEWBURY PARK—”The name of Jesus (was) declared at the Republican National Convention,” said Godspeak Calvary Pastor Rob McCoy at the Sunday 9 a.m. worship service.  “I never have seen that at any other convention. You have a woman (pro-life activist Abby Johnson) who had been the employee of the year for Planned Parenthood standing in defense for the unborn. I have not seen that in churches across America. The church is not in politics. Politics is promoting Christ. The church dismisses this because they are politicians. Yet, the church is silent.”

    Pastor McCoy spoke against Christian churches joining or adopting the Black Lives Matter or systemic racism narrative. He warned that social media sites (#Me Too, #BLM, #ExtinctionRebellion) have been promoting the Sept. 17 anniversary of #Occupy Wall Street in New York City’s Zuccotti Park with a possible 50-day siege of the White House in Washington D.C. which radical leftists say will run from Sept. 17 to Nov. 3rd and “will spark a revolution…to pull off a radically democratic toneshift in our politics.”

    Pastor Rob stated 2 ACTIONS:

    1. The public and the institutional leaders must be made aware of these efforts in a coherent manner.
    2. All Americans must unite to oppose their agenda.

    The packed 9 a.m. worship service was also viewed by 582 individuals from at least four states: Georgia, Michigan, Oregon and New York. The church also held services at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

    Pastor McCoy preached from Acts 9:10-30: the story of Ananias baptizing Saul, who then begins to preach Christ before being threatened to be killed by the religious leaders. 

    Pastor McCoy also shared the testimony that convicted killer Ted Bundy gave to former Focus on the Family President Dr. James Dobson just hours before his execution and he warned of how his addiction to pornography led him down a dark path.  He compared Bundy with how hated Saul of Tarsus was for his killing the disciples of The Way (Christians). Yet, God chose to use Saul whose name was changed to Paul to reach the Gentiles.

    “Saul peached Christ in synagogues” and he was such an effective preacher that no one could stand up to him so “they plotted to kill him.” It was Barnabas that “brought him to the disciples in Jerusalem” and Barnabas said “this guy is the real deal.” The Jews tried to “kill him in Damascus and then kill him in Jerusalem.”

    Pastor McCoy recounted how the Ethiopian eunuch had taken the gospel to Africa after Phillip explained the scriptures and baptized him (Acts 8:26-39) but now God wanted to use Paul to bring the gospel to the Gentiles and “start the church in Europe.”

    This gospel eventually arrived in America with the concepts of “individualism, personal responsibility and the idea of a constitutional republic with inalienable rights given by God.” We had the “Mayflower Compact,” said Pastor McCoy.

    “This is the most non-racist nation on the face of the earth. This is not to say that there is no racism but this form of government is not like any nation has ever seen. We don’t want to lose what we have. We don’t want to become Marxists or Socialists. 

    “We are a sensory church” that engages in group think. “There is no generational sin. If there is, then this Holy Spirit and transformation is a big lie. Our system of government allows us to work through” (things).

    “The church should understand liberty. Our church leaders are not aware they are complicit but they don’t want conflict.” Yet, “everywhere Paul went, there was conflict. They wanted to kill him. God got hold of Paul’s heart.

    “Jesus Christ was crucified and died so you could have a new life. Paul got it, just like that. (We need to) stand.”

    Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service; editor of the History Makers Report and founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. He worked 25 years as a middle school teacher in Monrovia and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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    2 years ago

    McCoys church is a political church

    James Cronenberger
    James Cronenberger
    2 years ago

    I have mixed feelings on the CJ’s reporting of religious sermons as though they are news. On the one hand, it’s a clear demonstration of how un-serious the CJ is as anything beyond Republican propaganda. Apart from McCoy’s criminality in defying public health orders and putting our health at risk, his words are not “news” — they are the ravings of a cult leader who has forgotten all about God while leading his flock straight into a political culture war that he seems to hope will turn deadly. (Particularly considering the presence of alt-right Three Percenters who roughed up bystanders outside Godspeak a couple weeks ago.)

    On the other hand, the CJ’s reporting of McCoy’s blatantly partisan political speech offers excellent evidence for President Biden’s administration, when they begin taking note of churches that have broken the nation’s laws against preaching electoral politics from the pulpit, and should lose their nonprofit status so they can begin paying taxes in 2021.

    Al smith
    Al smith
    2 years ago

    McCoy is a moron. When he says all Americans should unite to stop the democrats, does he know democrats are American too?

    I’m a republican with no tolerance for stupidity.

    John Smith
    John Smith
    2 years ago

    I’m saddened that these messages are getting passed off in spiritual settings, “converting” the parishioners on political matters that are causing even more division and spite in our country. Three points:

    1) “Jesus” has been named at many conventions, Republican and Democrat. This year everything has been so polarizing it’s embarrassing that we are at this point in our nation’s history. People are believing flat out lies and not trusting the media. Not trusting the media is one of the last steps before an authoritarian regime. Get your information from several sources. Sources that when they get something wrong, they make a retraction. If your media source is “never wrong,” then they are lying. We all get things wrong once in a while. To err is human. And we have Jesus to accept our errs and sins.

    2) This fear mongering that BLM is going to take over the White House and start a revolution is just conspiracy theory. Most major protests are 99% peaceful with 1% hoodlums starting up trouble who don’t even really care about the message. If people do not believe this, go to some protests locally. See how they are mostly peaceful and asking for change in a respectful way.

    3) I’m surprised that in a religion that practices love and acceptance there is so much hate and vitriol in this sermon. Seriously, what would Jesus Christ do today? You think he would care about politics or marginalizing a whole segment of our population? He would love everybody and try to bring us together.

    I hope these religious leaders see the hypocrisy in their own messages and come to the light and love of Christ like they say they are.

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