Godspeak Pastor Rob McCoy says he’s ready for a First Amendment fight even as less than a handful protested the Church outside

Newbury Park  — Pastor Rob McCoy gave an impassioned introduction to guest speaker, actor Kirk Cameron at Godspeak Calvary Chapel.  He spoke of the First Amendment battle the churches are now engaged in with Governor Gavin Newsom and county health officials. 

NEWBURY PARK–“I am not going to step back on the first amendment,” said Godspeak Pastor Rob McCoy on Sunday.  “I no longer will live in fear.  We are going to worship the Lord and you are welcomed.

“We are doing this on behalf of the protesters out there. We are here to declare that only the Lord can set us free and nothing is going to stand in the way of that. If it is going to come at a cost, we have counted the cost and we are ready.

“That being said, I don’t know what is going to happen in the coming days. I didn’t know who would show up today, at this fellowship, but I blame all of you. You know who you get when you have me. This is what God called me to do.

“Worship in humility. I don’t want to endanger the community. We love the community but we have been methodical in looking at the data on how to move forward. Today we are going to worship the Lord and He is the author of liberty—the author of freedom. The truth will set us free.”

(Editor’s Note: To see Friday’s Citizens Journal story on faith community ignoring Governor Gavin Newsom’s ban on singing and chanting go to:

https://www.citizensjournal.us/california-faith-community-ignores-governors-ban-on-singing-and-chanting-dont-ban-singing-in-church-petition-gains-thousands-of-signatures/. Over 210,000 have signed the American Center for Law and Justice petition to not ban singing in church: https://aclj.org/religious-liberty/dont-ban-singing-in-church.)

Three protesters showed up at the church this morning.  From church goer and citizen reporter who attended the 9am service, Beverly Wurts: “Protesters showed up at our church today as we gathered to worship God and sing in defiance of Governor Newsom’s orders.  Our pastor pointed out that the order lost its credibility when Newsom did nothing to stop the ‘protesters’ and rioters out in the streets by the thousands with no social distancing and many without wearing masks.”

Ms. Wurts also wrote: “The church had lots of guests because their places of worship were still not open. I know of three families there for the first time because I invited them. Kirk Cameron, who did the sermon, gave everyone a free copy of his document, “Monumental.”

As Wurtz drove off from the church she shouted to the few protesters outside, “God bless America.”

Protesters outside Godspeak Newbury Park, photo credits, Beverly Wurts:
















Beverly Wurts is a resident of Newbury Park

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For the love of your people , please read Matthew 6 . Do not make this about donations . Protect your fallowers . Live by the law of the land until it interferes with God’s laws . After reading Matthew 6 you will see that you are in fact in that violation . Don’t make this about money ” The Root Of All Evil ” , make it about saving lives and fallowing God’s laws . Remember that when you invite people in close like that and some die , their deaths are on your hands . How will God feel about you then ?

Mr. Lee

Please Please read Matthew 6 . You claim to be a religious person who want to protect his flock by holding services . Also read the part about living by the law of the land until it interferes with God’s laws . Inviting attendees you risk higher infections and death . do you really think God approves of that , after you read Matthew 6 . Please tell me you are not after Flock Donations ?


I spoke to Jesus this morning and he said, “Well, that’s just great! I give my life for a bunch of dummies who stick their heads in the sand and tell the world I told them to! If I could go back and do it over, I leave these idiots to Trump and take the smart ones.
Remember, guys? Do unto others…? For the love of God. Get down off your high horse and put on a mask!


The right wing religious nuts in this country have turned public health and safety into a “First Amendment” religious war. They show little or no concern for anyone other than themselves and their rights. However, it is also very obvious that the rights of others apparently have no meaning for them.
These are the most selfish and useless “members of society” (in quotes because it is a sarcasm) in history. I really don’t mind if they want to die right away, but I’d rather they didn’t take smarter and more valuable citizens with them as they shuffle off.
This pandemic seems to be adept at infecting the more reckless and stupid.


Ps…wearing a mask doesn’t hurt you, it protects you and me. Now, a ventilator down your throat is painful and, you’ll be in a coma. If you survive, you will lasting effects from the virus. Good luck


Sheeple. Pastor Rob is a joke and I hope you all get the virus…

Gerry Goldmaker

God, these people are dumb.

Ch bo

Who is Governor Greasyhair?

Barbara Sponsler

There were only three protesters.


Such good little sheeple, carrying the water for Governor Greasyhair…abd all the liberal Democrats who are hell bent on social control and virtue signaling via mask wearing everywhere, even in your own car, by yourself if you RRALLY believe all the media hysteria…

No one at Godspeak is advocating not wearing a mask, fools, but they ARE advocating religious liberty and the ability to worship the Lord publicly and how we see fit…