Good Cheer at Two Major Retailers — Memories of this Black Friday Past




By Naomi Fisher

Hopefully other people have sent accolades to the Target and WalMart Stores in Simi Valley, CA. My Daughter was visiting over Thanksgiving and wanted to go shopping in lieu of a big Thanksgiving Dinner.

While we ate an early lunch we said our Thanksgiving then were standing in line at 5:30pm in front of Target, behind a fence. We were about number 70. When the store opened, promptly at 6pm, there must have been close to 250 people in line, behind a fence that spanned most of Target and the store to its left.

A security guard made sure he warned everyone, “No pushing, shoving or cutting in line will be tolerated. If that occurs, the line will be stopped, the offenders removed and banned from Target tonight. The same goes for inside the store.” It was kind of funny because at his words, everyone actually snapped to attention. But we all said “Thank you,” and relaxed. The comradery continued and the line remained orderly, even upon entry into the store. Inside, a red-vested employee stood about every 10 feet or so to point us to the proper departments. Even though they gave up their Thanksgiving evening all the employees were helpful and cheerful.

We went from there to WalMart who also opened at 6pm, so customers were already inside the store. The crowd was not as orderly, but it was a far cry from the WalMart of two years ago where police had to be summoned. The store had arranged items to form barriers between separate departments. At each barrier employees showed us the access route for that department. Again, every employee was friendly and helpful and two of them went out of their way to find information on a certain product for us.

The bargains were fantastic. Most impressive, at both stores, a 50″ flat screen TV for $199.00! Never having been to a Black Friday before, I had been dreading what turned out to be a pleasant Early Black Friday Sales experience.


Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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