Good Morning Oxnard- Oxnard employee leave abuse investigation, DUI checkpoints

By George Miller

This week’s show (11-19-14) personalities: Peter Godinez, Host and George Miller, Publisher, discuss the Oxnard employee leave abuse investigation, DUI checkpoints and the recent Veteran’s Day celebration.

The Good Morning Oxnard show is recorded every Wednesday at 0900 (usually available as video on demand on within a couple of days), offering local personalities, issues and events- Hyper-local news, in the KADY TV tradition!   Past shows archived on the web site and via


11-19-14 show


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UmpquaThis week’s show location was at the Umpqua Bank, 2801 N. Ventura Rd, not far from The Collection. Yes, you read that right. They are named after the Umpqua River in Oregon, site of an ancient native American settlement. UMPQUA VP Stacy Peterson told me that they are a division of Sterling and now have about 100 community banking locations in California and specialize in commercial business lending, but do other loans as well. When I noticed a dog dish on the floor, Ms. Peterson told me that the branch is pet-friendly and very customer service-oriented. My observations while there bore that out.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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