Good Morning Oxnard Show- 4-22-15 news segment

By George Miller

On this segment (4-22-15) of the Good Morning Oxnard Show- George Miller, Publisher of does Oxnard News, consisting of: Earth Day (00:30); Lowell Steward, Jr. of Tuskeegee Airmen honored (00:37); Arbor Day (01:42): NRG applied for license to build new Mandalay power plant (01:58);  City marks start of recycled water deliveries to golf course (04:08);  Community action forum citizen prioritization results for activities/budget (05:26).

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Video: 4-22-15 Good Morning Oxnard news segment

 Show script notes:

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Happy Earth Day Earth day celebration drew hundreds to Plaza Park. Band, booths, information, education. 4/4

Lowell Steward of Tuskegee airmen honored at City Council meeting. only 27 bombers lost of 16,000 sorties defended- a WWII record. His son L.S. Jr. and members of the Tuskeegee Airmen LA chapter which his father founded and extended family were there  to pick up the award. He said  “my dad is a true American hero” and received multiple standing ovations.

Arbor Day 4/23, M Henderson of Parks Dept received an award plaque for city’s “urban forest” efforts.

NRG, the operator of three Oxnard electric power plants, submitted an application to the CA energy commission (which has the final say) to build a 267 megawatt plant which would replace all the plants and power about 130,000 homes (about 400,000 people). It had previously won a bid through SCE for a plant  to meet calculated area fossil power needs. Under law, 1/3 of power is to be  generated via “renewable” energy by 2020. Most previous Council meeting attendees have been opposed to the project on environmental and aesthetic grounds, even though it is far cleaner that the other plants, farther from the beach and has a much smaller “footprint.” Also would generate significant revenue and 75 jobs after built and many more when being built. about

$2.8 million annually in property tax , $5 million in sales tax revenues-  and increased direct and indirect employment.  Of course, most of that money doesn’t go directly to Oxnard. Construction costs are estimated to be  $235-270 million. A brochure provided by NRG also claims an 80% reduction in potable water use, although most cooling water is drawn from a canal running from Channel Islands Harbor, which also provides harbor water circulation and its maintenance is not addressed in any plans we have seen.

Old plant disposition is a huge issue and could help drive the project. NRG says not responsible for teardown.

Last week, the city celebrated start of recycled water deliveries from the GREAT program desalinator at Oxnard’s water campus, to the golf course 6 miles away through the new purple pipe. Dan Rydberg, Rob Roshanian and others now departed and many others helped make it happen. While this isn’t technically potable water and we didn’t see any city officials doing photo ops drinking it from a cup, it is supposedly “ultrapure” water. Right now, it is freeing up more potable water. The public and Councilman Perello all want to see more of it sold to businesses and even other municipalities. Someone suggested also processing Ventura wastewater, which is now going out to sea after processing.

The City had the first public presentation of the results of the community forum, to help guide city activities and budget priorities for new budgeting process, with budget due in June. This project is managed by interim Asst City Manager Scott Whitney, on leave from his day job of Asst Police Chief.  The 3/5/15 forum was attended by about 400 people (city says 700), a lot, but still less than 1/2% of Oxnard’s burgeoning, 200K+ population. Part of the forum was voting on community priorities, by placing stickers on items of priority (2679 votes, 2,888 with online votes). While the votes were a bit skewed by partisan advocates showing up, here’s what they revealed:

Investing in our community- education , kids programs, gang prevention, Srs, Hsg, etc. -422

Public safety, not just cops and fireman, but lifeguards- 65

Uttilities, streets, trans- water, streets, wastewater, storm water- 57

Parks/open space- Campus park, protecting coast.- 33

Strengthening neighborhoods/community building, libraries, public access TV, Neigh. Councils

Economic Development- 23

Effec and innovative govt., WIFI, body cameras, pri-based budgeting, ethics- 19

Destination Development (Tourism)- 16

Next: Feedback from Council/public. May dept heads budget priorities/proposed cuts (10MM shrink), Late may- 3 days of presentations, June 16 public hearing, June 23 adopt budget.



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George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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