Good Morning Oxnard Show- 4-29-15 news segment- Dallas Cowboys camp extended, HUD grants dispensed, New Trinity Church approved and more

By George Miller

On this segment (4-29-15) of the Good Morning Oxnard Show- Host Peter Godinez interviews George Miller, Publisher of on Oxnard News, consisting of: California Beer Festival Hamburgers and Hops; New 3 year contract for Dallas Cowboys summer training camp; Housing Dept. distributes $3MM in HUD grants; $2.4 million “small, non-controversial” Consent Agenda- $300K garbage trucks, $500K consulting contract: Unneeded street paving?; New Trinity Church project/mini-mall approved; Public speakers protest Hockaday death, “police brutality”; Water main break, and more.

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Video: 4-29-15 Good Morning Oxnard news segment


Name Date Duration Agenda Minutes Video
City Council Meeting April 28, 2015 06h 51m Agenda Video

Show script notes:

Good Morning Oxnard- 4-29-15, KADYTV,, CitizensJournalVC on Facebook       Sponsor- Tomas Cafe


California Beer Festival, Hamburger & Hops- hamburgers, local craft breweries., etc, at the Collection park, 2746 Seaglass Way (also see separate show segments on this)

Springtime at Heritage Square- High Tea 5/9 Heritage Square, catered by La Dolce Vita A/B Streets- 805-483-7960, Tea attrire requested, hat contest

Council meeting went to almost 1. (yawn)

Interim Asst. City Manager Scott Whitney made a touchdown and the extra point for a new 3 year contract with the  Dallas Cowboys for their summer training camp. The negotiating team was able to surgically remove significant costs to get it close to a breakeven this time. Majority  of council and public believed that economic activity generated, recreational opportunities and buzz for Oxnard made it well worthwhile. Fiscal hawks like Councilman Bert Perello were opposed. Mayor ProTem Ramirez was lukewarm, but approved, citing pro-football’s seedy reputation, sexism and more. Mayor Flyn and Councilman MacDonald were very supportive.

Housing dept announced Annual Action Plan- distribution of about $3MM in federal HUD money to service businesses/orgs.- homeless and very poor housing and other assistance. Major audit last year, departure/retirement of Director. Community Dev. blocks grants, HOME investment partnership, Emergency Solutions Grant. Cary Sabatini praised by recipients. Main issues- how to split up shrinking funds- use of $200K for code enforcement- mayor Flynn’s war on slumlords. People living in substandard hsg entitled to be moved free at owners expense and receive 2 mos free rent and utilities! 10’s of thousands of people affected, per Mayor Flynn.  Code enforcement challenged by Atty. Barbara Macri-Ortiz.- warned of federal offense, fines, etc.

Last week, there was a big hullaballoo about  moving the “Consent Agenda” to earlier in the meeting.” Mayor  emphasized that these items, which are usually only cursorily discussed and approved en masse, are relatively small, low controversy items. However, there were 11 items totaling about $2.5 MM last night, including $1.4 MM for $300K CNG-powered garbage trucks from Velocity Truck Center, a half million in highly controversial, seemingly never-ending outside consultants Mgmt Partners which could be spent without further Council oversight and South Bank paving (no cost specified)which one resident- Jackie Tedeshi- said wasn’t needed , $262K for a well refurbishment, a sweetheart loan refinancing for Ruby’s Cafe.

Council approved the New Trinity Church project to make their 2 1/2 acre parcel  outside of Colonia (450 N. Rose) a mall, with their new church in it,  a Carls’s Jr. and other retail shops.  This was a successful appeal to override the Planning Commission rejection of the project. A 7-11 selling beer and wine was deleted, architectural standards upgraded and truck access opened up to meet objections, so Planning Commission efforts were largely not wasted. Very large turnout of Church members to support the effort. The only real complaints were traffic (<2%) and appearance of Carl’s Jr.

Public speakers marked the police killing of Meagan Hockaday during a domestic dispute call. Hockaday allegedley charged at her domestic partner and Officer Garcia with a knife and was stopped and killed by gunfire. Organizer Collectivo Toder Poder al Pueblo was behind this protest and the narrative was police are evil, out of control, need review board, body cameras, audit. Sure wish there were better non-lethal ways to restrain offenders. Hockaday’s sister spoke out along with others. Without trying to get political on this, the tendency of protesters to claim this is racism and an “epidemic” are not supported by facts. However, we should work on solutions to help avoid such tragedies.

Darcey Spencer was to be commended by Librarian Barbara Murray for 21 years of service but she wasn’t there to accept the award.

CA Rural Legal Assistance presents “Know Your Rights” on employee rights, Thu May 7, 338 S. A

“Peace march” announced by Rev. Greg Runion. Said just general peace march but mentioned police violence at least twice. 5/9 8 AM Colonia Park to plaza Park, speeches, music 1 hr. Sponsored by Ambassadors for Peace.

45″ water main broken by contractor up near 101 Rice/Del Norte. This is the main line inbound from Calleguas Municipal Water DistrictRerouted water, may affect water quality.



This week’s show location:


Tomas Cafe, main dining room

Show venue was Tomas Cafe. Food was good, place is roomy & squeaky clean, with an extra banquet room.  Menu:

622 South A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030
ph: 8054836633, fax: 8054834439








George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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Steven Nash

On the Trinity project, my sole opposition, after the deletion of the alcohol component, pertained to the architectural quality of the Carl’s Jr. building. This particular location, if designed properly, would offer wonderful views of the Los Padres mountains. I felt that our corporate partner could provide a great dining experience for the La Colonia neighborhood with a very minimal design change, ie. floor to ceiling windows on the western facade. I apologize for not making my suggestion clearer (sometimes difficult to do in a 3-minute sound bite) and the resulting referendum discussion on the entire project’s architectural “worthiness”. I do hope we stop and consider how best to utilize prime real estate and not squander an opportunity to improve the quality of life for Oxnard residents. We live in a great community and should always strive, as Mayor Flynn puts it, “to raise the bar”.