Good Morning Oxnard Show- 5-20-15

By George Miller News, NRG power plant; Pablo Ortiz,Oxnard Downtowners; Eileen Tracy of Family Engagement and Re-Entry Program

On this segment (5-20-15) of the Good Morning Oxnard Show- Host Peter Godinez interviews George Miller, Publisher of on Oxnard News, consisting of: Strawberry Festival review; Mandalay Power Plant moratorium extended; Hotel tax increased 33 1/3%; new subsidized low income housing approved; new Surf Thru carwash approved; KADYTV/CJ staff are Principals for a day at Ventura County Office of Education; $1.7MM taken out of Measure “O” to pay interest;

Also, host Peter Godinez interviews Pablo Oriz, President of Oxnard Downtowners (his day job is VP of Gold Coast Radio) on  what downtowners does, why and what the challenges are. He also interviews Eileen Tracy of Family Support and Re-Entry (for ex-prisoners) program, done at All Saints Episcopal Chuch.

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Video: 5-20-15 Good Morning Oxnard news segment


Advertisement: How about a nice meal at a beautiful historic site downtown?


Video: Tony Cordero and Dawn Gleider of NRG present their case for a replacement power plant 


Video: Pablo Ortiz, President of Oxnard Downtowners

OxnardSalzaFestivalOxnard Salsa Festival – July 25 & 26, 2015 – Plaza Park …



Video: Eileen Tracy: Family Engagement and Re-Entry program



George Miller’s news report notes:

Good Morning Oxnard- 5-20-15, KADYTV,, CitizensJournalVC on Facebook       Sponsor- Tomas Cafe

Strawberry festival was big, loud, raucous, fun. half dozen music acts, including Beatles inspired-group, Santana salute and an Elvis impersonator,whose day job is a Moorpark HS teacher. We bought chocolate covered strawberries from the Ambassadors of Peace faith-based civic group. Lots of food and drink booths, but most had very long lines. Rides, contents, cooking demos, merchandise booths. See our story and pics.

Power plant moratorium extended another year beyond June expiration, intended to prevent new hi-tech, lo-footprint, economical Mandalay replacement baseline power plant. On staff advice, council voted to continue opposition, update coastal plan, finish sea rise plan (even though 13 have been done here), look into ordinances (on theory they would influence state energy commission decisions), seek other legal means to stop it via cutting off water supply, forcing removal of old plants. SAC evidentiary hearing 5/27. Hearing in Oxnard July 15 at PAC.

Rehash of 6X debates on wisdom of power plant. City’s case is what if 500 year flood (which we had in 1983), cessation of Vta dredging, crumbling of dunes, catastrophic earthquake on Vta fault…. and SEA RISE. No sea rise estimates except from Lorraine Efrom, who said .1 to .11 in/yr.- 3 inches over 30 year project life. Mayor Pro-Tem Ramirez said Navy claims sea rise a serious problem, yet they are not evacuating their very low elevation Pt Mugu facilities.

Curiously, city did not say much about pollution this time, although many public speakers who were heavily waited in favor of moratorium did. Proposed plan exceeds all legal requirement. Emotional speeches by high school students incorrectly said the number of plants would be increased (they would be decreased by 2), water  use would soar (it would be reduced 80%), and toxic air pollution/greenhouse gases would be a big problem. objections to stack height.

Project manager Don Grider told me that Global Warming is the most serious threat facing mankind.

Council voted to increase Ventura County West District hotel tax by 33 1/3 %, from 1.5% to 2%. Councilman MacDonald and a rep from Brighton Mgmt. told us it wasn’t really a tax, but a “self-imposed: fee. Hotel customers had no comment. Although it is still lower than some surrounding areas, it’s more taxes. The money will be used for tourism marketing. Councilman Perello commented about need for an audit to make sure hotels were remitting taxes. this was discounted, but former City Director of Finance Phil Molina claimed he was fired, in part, for exposing failure of hotels to pay. He sued city and was awarded $1MM.

New subsidized 50 unit Apt complex with 8 low-income units – 5527 Saviers ($1745/mo) approved on Saviers in S. Oxnard. Non-conforming use, previously rejected by Planning Dept. for 14 reasons. Planning Commissioner Steve Nash spoke about why it should be rejected, City Council once again overruled them. Later, Mayor Flynn said CAG’s are vitally important to city and should be utilized. CAG council meeting is tonight- should be interesting.

New Surf Thru carwash approved on Oxnard Blvd. Claim only 13 gallons/wash. All thought it was well-designed and synergistic with auto parts store, Lowes, nearby.

Bob Allen, Peter Godinez (both of KADYTV) and George Miller (of were all “Principals for a Day” at Ventura County Office of Education schools this week.

Council voted to use $1,662,801 in Measure O (public safety ) funds to pay debts service on lease revenue project and refunding bonds.

Mandalay Beach maint. dist. assessment approved.



This week’s show location:


Tomas Cafe, main dining room

Show venue was Tomas Cafe. Food was good, place is roomy & squeaky clean, with an extra banquet room.  Menu:

622 South A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030
ph: 8054836633, fax: 8054834439








George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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