Good Morning Oxnard Show- 5-6-15 news segment

Mandatory water conservation; Harbor management agreement change proposal; Long Range Property Management Plan

By George Miller

On this segment (5-6-15) of the Good Morning Oxnard Show- Host Peter Godinez interviews George Miller, Publisher of on Oxnard News, consisting of: 5/9 Mariachi Festival;  Mandatory water conservation; Harbor management agreement change proposal; Long Range Property Management Plan; California Legal Assistance- on employee rights; 5/9 “Peace March”;

Also, George Miller and local civic activist/lifelong Oxnard resident Al Velasquez tackle some issues surrounding the City budget crunch.

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Video: 5-6-15 Good Morning Oxnard news segment

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Video: George Miller and Al Velasquez discuss Oxnard budget crisis situation

Name Date Duration Agenda Minutes Video
City Council Meeting May 5, 2015 04h 30m Agenda Video


Show script notes:

Good Morning Oxnard- 4-29-15, KADYTV,, CitizensJournalVC on Facebook       Sponsor- Tomas Cafe

5-4-15 Budget crisis meeting. City  basically admits it is insolvent. What was first thought to be a $2MM deficit is now $1.6 mm with 90 MM over 10 years. We don’t know where it will end. although past staff is blamed for all of this, Council has set the priorities, voted for all budgets. Council has presided over this. Hard for part time non-professionals to monitor- Auditor-Controller? Although it has money elsewhere, such as in water fund and Measure O Fund, the $100MM+ General fund has only a small amount left and will soon  be depleted without a cash infusion, whether it be from internal funds or fresh external money, presumably bonds/loans. (Separate GMO Segment video)

Just for comparison purposes, Santa Barbara has roughly the same size budget as Oxnard, but only half the population.  Much of Oxnard’s budget comes from grants- for example $20MM of the $25MMN housing budget.

Job cuts? 263 of 1268 positions vacant.

Pension costs out of control. Salary ranges just increased. $3MM accrued leave.

$24MM Fire station 8

Only 2% inflation rate used, assume mild recession in 2017. Assume infinite low interest rates, moderate growth- Goldilocks/.

Golf Course, PACC

Half Assessment districts are in a deficit.,

Loan  $16MM (LEGALITY?). Millions in consulting fees, litigation, awards, settlements.

Auditor-controller. Need 10-11MM in annual cuts- General Fund alone

Sat May 9- 26th Annual Mothers Day Mariachi Festival Dinner Dance gala PACC 800 Hobson Way-216-9745, 217-7054

New Mandatory water conservation measures were approved. City employee Linda Poksay aptly explained the situation. Mountain snowpack on  5% of normal- 3rd driest in 119 years. We get 30% of our water from Sierras. February Oxnard has already reduced consumption 13%- must do another 12% per state orders. This  will be much harder than the initial cut., Applies to watering yards 2X/week, stop watering public medians, washing cars (shut off hose or bucket). My greenbelt has already been cut back and is yellowing. Construction sites, new homes, drip or microspray irrigation only. Tree diapers mentioned. Water rates may change to encourage conservation. Linda told me that watering the yard is most peoples’ biggest water user. Clothes washers, dishwashers, showers are next biggest, along with car washing.  Then toilets, sinks, etc. New target is 63 gallons/person/day, down from 67. Ag/business cuts weren’t discussed. Haven’t figured out yet how/if on setting quotas. 800+ complaints, 95% by residents, 400+ warnings, 14 citations- $100-200-1550.

Information consent agenda again has over $2MM on it and some controversial items, in spite of promised to the contrary just  2 weeks ago. City manager attempted to explain it away, saying a nearly $2MM item for a hauling contract was spread over years, so not that much per year (Only $650,000+. Some wrangling over “living wage” fine print in a landscaping contrcat, but otherwise unanimously approved. So I guess the controversy part doesn’t apply to the public. Al Velasquez felt that the amount was too high.

Mayor Flynn announced late in the meeting that Channel Islands task force was instrumental in helping to gain agreement on some major improvements to previously reject Channel Islands Harbor management agreement with the  County.  The  previous proposed 10 year agreement has been reduced to only 3 years, with a 2 year optional extension. Within 6  months, the contentious Seabridge/Westport Community Services Agreement for police patrolling, etc. will be renegotiated. Rates insanely high now. A “roadmap” for addressing the planning issues will be jointly developed within 1 year. Mayor Flynn favors a governance model similar to the joint powers agreement used for the Airports, where stakeholders have a say.

The City brought in a very experienced consultant- Larry Kosmont- to analyze the failed proposed Long Range Property Management Plan to disposition properties ordered disposed of from Redevelopment agencies by state legislation several years ago. 51 properties in play. They pointed out that plan failed because city proposed illegal property uses. renting a city property out to a commercial tenant does Not constitute redevelopment property disposition under the law. Council wants to ensure that historic character of Heritage Square is preserved and that events will continue on the square. Concerts in the Park, etc. Kosmont thinks properties should be packaged and sold to developers, with conditions.

“Peace march” announced by Rev. Greg Runion. Said just general peace march but mentioned police violence at least twice. 5/9 8 AM Colonia Park to plaza Park, speeches, music 1 hr. Sponsored by Ambassadors for Peace, faith based sponsors, Greg Runion, Vera Vega.

CA Rural Legal Assistance presents “Know Your Rights” on employee rights, Thu May 7, 338 S. A St



This week’s show location:


Tomas Cafe, main dining room

Show venue was Tomas Cafe. Food was good, place is roomy & squeaky clean, with an extra banquet room.  Menu:

622 South A Street, Oxnard, CA 93030
ph: 8054836633, fax: 8054834439








George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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