Good Morning Oxnard Show- News segment- 2-4-15

Erin Antrim- Boys & Girls Club CEO, George Miller on $8MM theater settlement, homelessness and events

By George Miller

This week’s show (1-21-15) with Erin Antrim, CEO of Oxnard/Port Hueneme Boys & Girls Club, on recent Port Hueneme Decision to keep the Club at the PH Athletic Center;  George Miller, Publisher, discusses $8 MM settlement regarding downtown cinema and impact of Riverpark cinema, and more (see video and text below that).

The Good Morning Oxnard show is recorded most Wednesday mornings (usually available as video on demand on within a couple of days), offering local personalities, issues and events- Hyper-local news, in the KADY TV tradition!   Past shows archived on the web site and via




BGCOP (Boys & Girls Club) CEO Erin Antrim Discusses the recent Port Hueneme Decision to keep the Club at the PH Athletic Center after the public display of support at the Council Meeting:

Good Morning Oxnard news segment, by George Miller, Publisher,

Note: a report on the 2-3-15 presentation on the status of Oxnard utilities will be published separately.

Covered on news segment video:

Employee of the year- Felipe Marinez

Peggy Rivera, Homelessness Commission – Community Action. Urge adoption of “Recalibrating the Results” 5 year revaluation of 10 year plan to end homelessness, including: urge council to move homelessness to a very high priority find a any and all available land for low income housing or shelters, streamline all city processes to get this done, urge support of a local shelter per “recalibrated plan and CAVC). urge Council to make homelessness high priority for Housing Authority. Urge Council to open its own discretionary funds for vital services to include homelessness (Measure O). Council skipped second reading of amendment to city code related to commission on Homelessness.

$8MM settlement on downtown cinema on impact of Riverpark Movie Theater announced, as a result of the earlier closed meeting. Money was already in an account deposited with the Court by SOCM (successor to Riverpark) to satisfy their obligation to fund a downtown assistance program.  Most ($6.3MM) went to city downtown fund, but $1.2MM went to Strand, Theater property woner/developer for unpaid traffic mitigation fees, $1.5MM credit to Starnd  toward principal and interest of P.P. promissaory note and lease guarantee consideration promissory note per prev. agreement. Strand convey a vacant lot on A St. to city. Contingent on Oversight Bd. and CA  Dept. Fin. approval.  $500K to San Carlos, theater operators, for improvements. $20MM debt?

Mayor Flynn- now planning next years’ veteran’s day celebration

Mayor also wants to set up Athletics Commission– Sporting destination- public/private partnership.  Shot down campus park at 2-3-15 closed meeting.

Sat Sun 10-3 Covered California”  (Obamacare) meeting-  eligibility, premium estimates, help- English/Spanish. OX College Plaza Rooms L 14-16 981-5212

Free Tax filing help via private sources-  call 211.

Possible future Ormond Beach National Wildlife Refuge– (like Pt Reyes)

Raymond Ramirez Art exhibition now at Carnegie Art Museum


UmpquaThis week’s show location was at the Umpqua (yes, you read that right) Bank, 2801 N. Ventura Rd, not far from The Collection.  They are named after the Umpqua River in Oregon, site of an ancient native American settlement. UMPQUA VP Stacy Peterson told us that they are a division of Sterling, now have about 100 community banking locations in California and specialize in commercial business lending, but do other loans as well. The branch loves visItors and offers  free coffee and sometimes, donuts. It’s right on the way to the Collection, so it’s convenient. It’s also the only bank we’ve been to with a dog dish on the floor.


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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