Good Morning Oxnard TV show- 9-24-14

By George Miller

This week’s guests: Steve Huber- Oxnard City Council candidate; Thomas Swankosky, Local 805; George Miller, Publisher,; Alex Garcia, Proprietor of “The Corner Pocket”- and wrap-up with Bob Allen/Peter Godinez.

New, improved sound quality on show!  The old venue had a lot of hard surfaces  that created an “echo-chamber” effect- problem solved at our new venue at the soon to open “Corner Pocket” billiard parlor just down the street.

The Good Morning Oxnard show is receorded every Wednesday at 0900 (usually available as video on demand on within a couple of days), offering local personalities, issues and events- Hyper-local news, in the KADY TV tradition!  Other segments to follow. Past shows archived on the web site or via



Introduction with Bob Citizens Journal
Introduction with Bob Allen/Peter Godinez George Miller- news
MTC Steve Huber MTB Alex Garcia
MTC Steve Huber- PH City Council candidate Alex Garcia, Owner, The Corner Pocket
MTB Local 805  
MTB Thomas Swankosky, Local 805


New Show Venue!

OX 083

Show venue was the new “Corner Pocket billiard parlor, bar, snack bar, video arcade and training gym – SOON TO OPEN!, 658 South A St, Oxnard, CA, (805) 844-7266 Read about it!




George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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C. Muller

Corner Pocket looks great- will try it out soon- thanks.