Google is NO Friend of Conservatives!


By Ginny Bryce | Camarillo

Who knows more about us than the U.S. Government? Who hires the most H-1B Workers? Many of their workers are foreigners, not U.S. citizens. Who scans our emails, tracks where we go on the internet? Who devises the algorithms to follow us and get Information?  Connect the dots.

“Google has the power to manipulate search results and determine what we read, what we purchase on line, and use. The company has used its system to drive business to its own shopping websites to the detriment of competitors and it has used its system to aim straight at conservative voters.

“If the company can manipulate news and views, it could also manipulate votes,” was expressed by Robert Epstein, senior psychologist at the American institute for Behavioral Research and Technology.

 “Google’s search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more – up to 80 percent in some demographic groups – with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated,” as warned in an editorial in Politico in 2015.

INDICATION OF BIAS: Google’s ties to the Obama administration are broad. Many Google employees contributed to Mr. Obama’s campaigns.  Numerous former Google employees worked in the administration, and the White House visitors log shows that Google lobbyist visited more frequently than many of its rivals.

The publishing by Wikileak’s of emails of Clinton Campaign Chair John Podesta in 2014, and printed in The Daily Caller, exposed that Eric Schmidt, Chief Executive of Google’s parent company Alphabet, “sought to be ‘head outside adviser’ to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and offered advice and assistance on multiple occasions.”

“I met with Eric Schmidt tonight. As David reported, he’s ready to fund, advise, recruit talent, etc. He was more deferential on structure than I expected. Wasn’t pushing to run through one of his existing firms,” Podesta wrote. “Clearly wants to be head outside advisor, but didn’t seem like he wanted to push others out. Clearly wants to get going.”

Feb.2015 email chain between Podesta and former President Bill Clinton aide Tina Flournoy discussing Schmidt’s desire to meet with the former president, the fact that he had already been in touch with the rest of the campaign team and the fact that he was donating use of the Google plane for Bill Clinton’s pending trip to Africa, among other things.” (Wikileaks)

“I have been kept apprised of the work being done by Eric Schmidt’s group and others working directly and indirectly with your team. On the whole, I am comfortable with where we stand and confident in our roadmap to launch day and beyond in Summary:

  • We have instructed Eric’s team to build the most important products in their portfolio – specifically, the back-end of the website, the ability to accept donations (along with associated features, most importantly the ability to store credit card information), and the ability to acquire email addresses – first. Given how much time remains between now and launch – and, again, the availability of alternative solutions – I believe there is effectively no chance that these core functionalities will not be in place in time for launch.
  • Eric’s team is also developing products that are not, strictly speaking, critical for launch, but would be extremely useful to have as early in the cycle as possible. Chief among these is the system that consolidates data from disparate sources to allow you to develop more complete user profiles and therefore more effective programs.  I shared the concern, voiced by many that the initial scope for these products was overly ambitious and unrealistic; they have since been cut down to a much more manageable size, without sacrificing core functionalities.”

Google and Advertising: Google and Facebook account for more than 79% of the $73 billion spent in digital advertising.

The two companies, however, don’t employ reporters to ferret out the news, or sent them to war zones, or to games to get the results, they get it free from traffic on Facebook and Google.

Rather than Antitrust enforcers try to solve the problem, the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department let Google take over the online ad industry by buying Doubleclick, AdMob, AdMeld, and mapping competitor Waze.  Facebook was allowed to acquire Instagram and WhatsApp – two direct competitors.

Europe has just fined Google $2.7 billion for manipulating its search engine results which drove sales to its own shopping comparison services.

Is this just about shopping? No, it is much more sinister according to one of its competitors:

“’Although the record-breaking 2.42bn euro fine is likely to dominate the headlines, the prohibition of Google’s immensely harmful search manipulation practices is far more important,’ Shivaun Raff, head of price comparison site (and Google competitor) Foundem, told the BBC.”

Google collects data from more than a billion people and this has raised antitrust questions.

Google Pays Professors to Do Research: According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has paid professors at Universities from $5,000 to $400,000 to do research. Some of these professors share their research with Google before publication to get Google’s suggestions, and don’t always reveal Google’s backing in their research. Some of these professors are from Harvard, University of Illinois, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Ginny Bryce is a longtime Camarillo resident with a keen interest in keeping tabs on and writing about political goings-on, locally and nationally.

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