Google unveils simpler portal for users to delete data it has about them

By Paresh DaveGoogleSurveillance

Unending scrutiny from regulators is keeping pressure on Google to get better about explaining how it tracks users and how they can tinker with privacy settings.
On Monday, Google unveiled a website at that answers questions more clearly than ever.
In case you didn’t know, Google keeps a record of what websites you visit, where you travel to and what videos you watch on YouTube. It probably has your name and phone number, but it doesn’t sell information that would identify you. If you use Gmail and Drive, Google also has access to the contents of emails and documents.
Collecting all of that information makes its services more useful, relevant and secure, Google says. The data also is essential to its business of showing ads across the Internet, which produces huge profits and 90% of the company’s revenue.
A 500-person security team at the 55,000-employee company, and technologies such as encryption, are deployed to protect the data, Google said.
But people concerned either about their privacy or the security of that data do have options, and Google introduced a revamped privacy control center to show people how they can turn off features such as location-tracking on their smartphones or advertising that is based on search queries and Web visits.


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