Gorilla Masked Racist Attacks Larry Elder, MSM and California Governor Ignore The Assault 

by Chris Bailey Citizens Journal

10 September 2021, California

In a racially charged diatribe reminiscent of the Jim Crow South, a Venice Skinhead who does not like Larry Elder mocked and jeered at California Gubernatorial Recall candidate Larry Elder. The man, clad in jeans and a dark grey shirt, first approached the Elder group, which was touring the homeless area at Venice Beach, CA, from the front. He screamed loudly, scanning both ahead of the Larry Elder entourage, and then behind the group looking for any law enforcement officers nearby. The news teams and photographers ignored his statements. As Larry Elder and his small team approached, the man pulled up adjacent to Larry Elder, within 4 feet, and screamed “You give us only a few weeks of help, then kick us out” in the apparent belief that Larry Elder, currently a radio talk show host in Los Angeles, is responsible for the plight of the Venice Beach homeless.

The irate man disappeared from sight, but could be heard from behind Larry Elder yelling in a loud voice, “All your Black ass cares about is the White Supremacists” in an odd mimicking of a lead article from the Los Angeles Times where they believe Larry Elder is the New Blackface of White Supremacy.


At this point, a person who appeared to be a White female approached Larry Elder’s group from the left rear. She was wearing a gorilla mask with pinkish hair, had a Louis Vuitton backpack, and was riding an electric bicycle. She could be seen stopping and screaming some words that were unintelligible through her mask, while pointing in the direction of the candidate. She then flung one or two eggs in the direction of Larry Elder, but they missed their mark. A member of Mr Elder’s group approached the person in an attempt to calm her down. She responded by saying “Don’t tell me what to do” and slapped the assistant with an open hand to his head. 


The skinhead appeared in the same vicinity as the gorilla masked woman, and appeared to take over the assault, to allow the gorilla masked person to escape to the rear of the gathering. The skinhead chest bumped the same member of Larry Elder’s team, then struck the team member before retreating down the street.


As of the time of publication, neither Governor Newsom, any of his campaign staff, or any member of the Los Angeles City Council leadership has come forward to denounce this attack on Mr Elder. In addition, the Los Angeles Police Department has not made a statement or made any attempt to look into this hate crime toward a member of the Black Community.

 Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of citizensjournal.us, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Camarillo, CA

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George Pattone

Both “Gorilla Girl” and “Mr. Clean” should be prosecuted for ASSAULT AND BATTERY as verbal threats were amplified by unwanted violent touching…
Hunt them down and throw the book at them both….


Larry, you were in Venice Beach. What did you expect? You said there us no racism.