Got a Complaint about Local Government? Tell the Grand Jury!

Did you know there is a body of volunteers in the county of Ventura dedicated to investigating public complaints about county agencies, city governments and special districts such as water, schools and harbors?

The Ventura County Civil Grand Jury is an investigatory panel of 19 citizens from all backgrounds that operates as a public watchdog over the city and county governments.

The Grand Jury is authorized to investigate complaints about government mismanagement, verify that pubic funds are properly accounted for and legally spent and investigate the policies, practices and processes of county or city departments in order to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of our government. Each year the Grand Jury reports the findings and recommendations that result from these investigations. These reports are made public by posting on the Grand Jury website at                                      Elected officials and board members whose departments are the focus of an investigation must respond within 90 days. Their responses are also posted to the website.

Complaint forms in English and Spanish may be downloaded from the Grand Jury website ( and submitted by fax or mail to the address on the form. All complaints are kept confidential.

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