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Fellow Americans, if you thought the COVID related issues were getting better, think again. Biden’s new order now complicates your employment as all employees are now FORCED to get vaccinated. Is this too far? As Americans, it is imperative that you can exercise your religious rights. You have the opportunity to stand when your faith gets tested. To find out how, please join us this THURSDAY, September 16th at 2pm PDT / 5pm EDT. We will discuss the following: 

  • Is the new Biden Order even legal? How far can government restrictions go? 
  • Are you really being forced to get a vaccine?
  • Is it even possible to exercise a religious accommodation or exemption anymore? What do you do if your employer or school rejects your exemption or accommodation request?
Click the “REGISTER” button below to join this THURSDAY’s FREE Zoom Call



Right after you register, check your email for the Zoom meeting link. If you have questions during the call, simply type them into the chat feature on Zoom. 

Feel free to pass this link on to any friends or family who would benefit from this call!

People have thanked us over and over again for these valuable Zoom calls saying they were “very helpful” and “critical for any person of faith” and “just what my church needs”. We hope you will feel the same way.

Click here to sign up for a free copy of our vaccination resources and more information about the option for religious exemption or accommodation. 

Running the Race,

Brad Dacus with the 
Pacific Justice Institute Team

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