Government “Shutdown?”


By George Miller

Are the Republicans trying to “shut down” the government? “Shutdown” is the highly misleading term bandied about by demagogues who wish to ram through spending in the form of a “Continuing Resolution” (CR) and blame opposition who were legitimately resisting a relatively small portion of  it. A CR is an omnibus catch-all bill which has been used to maintain overall prolifigate spending that the U.S. has established in recent years. It marks an abject failure in passing all the separate bills that make up a real budget. Legislators have gotten into the very bad habit of delaying spending bills, like a lazy student putting off studying for a test until the deadline looms the next morning, when “cramming” takes place.  In truth, increasing disagreement about whether we will be a constitutional republic with free enterprise or something very different (does “transformation” ring a bell?) has produced “gridlock.”  The resulting brinksmanship and horse-trading has resulted in the mess we now have.

But it isn’t just about the trillion or so in deficits that both parties would cheerfully incur each year (although the Republican number is slightly less than the Democrat one), but “Obamacare.”  Yes, the real issue of contention this time is the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” an Orwellian title, if there ever was one.  Obamacare is anything BUT affordable. It is also the biggest takeover of private industry in history, the most intrusive abridgment of freedoms, the most totalitarian invasion of privacy & commerce, a most inefficient approach, as well as a budget buster- both private and public. Hordes of health care professionals may exit the business. Providers are already cutting staffs and premiums are soaring, in spite of mendacious claims of the opposite. Numerous “exemptions” have been granted by the government- including Congress. If Obamacare is so wonderful, why so much effort to get out of it? The public will suffer. Republicans are rightly resisting it, although with varying strategies and determination.

The demagogue in the White House intones, in his “soaring rhetoric,” that Obamacare  is “The Law of the Land,” even though it is arguably unconstitutional (no, the Supreme Court didn’t resolve all aspects of this), leaving out the small detail that it is solely Congress’ decision whether to even fund it. There are also significant challenges possible and even underway (Paul Beard of Pacific Legal Foundation will be speaking about one at Living Oaks Church in Newbury Park on Thursday).

The House of Representatives sent Harry Reid a CR which had almost everything the Democrats wanted except Obamacare funding.  All but one Republican voted for it. Then Reid took steps to add Obamacare back in. Senator Ted Cruz passionately argued, even filibustered, for 21 hours, for not voting cloture for the bill. That failed, with 25 Republican Senators disagreeing with him, even though they ALL opposed Obamacare and most had even made Obamacare opposition a major part of their platforms. It seems they may not actually be THAT opposed to it. Now, the ball is in the House’s court again.  They just responded with a bill that suspends Obamacare implementation for a year, although details aren’t clear.

That is why the Democrats and Obama are in a panic, even willing to trigger a “Government Shutdown” to stop a defunding/delay of the most destructive program ever. After all, this is Obama’s signature program that he consumed so much of his political capital to pass.  Meanwhile, other fires are left burning and the economy languishes. Yes, they are willing to throw the economy under the bus to defend their Socialist nightmare.

Concurrently, the “Mainstream Media” (MSM) are duly carrying water for the Left, as they blame the Republicans- especially “The Tea Party” for this offense. Just read about it in Saturday’s Ventura County Star, a mini-MSM publication.  Their main house editorial and Associated Press articles faithfully parrot the party line, which, loosely translated is: Republican Tea Partiers will shut down the government and wreck the economy. They are getting in the way of government getting things done.

“Getting things done?” It is Harry Reid who is blocking the spending bill for all other programs and holding them hostage for Obamacare. His cynical brinksmanship really WOULD shut down the government, NOT John Boehner, NOT the Republicans, NOT “The Tea Party.”


George Miller is a “retired” operations management consultant and a Citizen Journalist, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.


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Ray holm

George once again provided excellent information on the shutdown and Obama Care.

I watch and read a lot of news and understand the argument between the two sideS, but for whatever reason why aren’t people providing a litany of short brief reasonS Obamacare is bad. Like (1) Young people will have less money to spend for a good economy because they will be giving it to insurance companies, (2) I pay for my anthem insurance and (what is going to happen to me)? (3) Most of the money it sucks out of the economy will go to the creation of more bureaucratic systems, more frivolous documentation, and Doctors will become clerks instead of doctors.

Why don’t we see these terrible exampleS if they are out there, George. Even on the talk shows they glaze over detail. What are the biggies and what are the little ones that will drive us crazy



If There is a Government Shutdown, It Will Be Entirely Barack Obama’s Fault

Paul Burich

There is another facet of the Dem push back on this that drives me crazy: the implication that once legislation is passed it becomes “the law of the land” and must remain forever inviolate. Clearly this is absurd. Why did the left push for ten years to repeal the Bush tax cuts (which, by the way, they voted for) and which were “the law of the land”? The Defense of Marriage Act? The list of unpopular legislation that has been modified and/or repealed altogether is long. The Democrat’s position is beyond ridiculous.

The GOP is pursuing accepted, constitutional / legal recourse to modifying legislation that they did not agree to and that the American people do not approve of. In fact, it is the president who has use extra-legal means to delay implementation and grant waivers and exemptions—it is the president who has broken “the law of the land.”