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    The Road to Tyranny by Don Jans

    Governor Gavin Newsom to be re-elected in Landslide win with 95.04% vote by mail

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    Only 4.96% of voters who voted to re-elect Governor Gavon Newsom went to the poles to vote for him in person. While 95.04% decided they wanted to vote by mail.  This percentage is astounding. With a total of 71,483 votes (as of the writing of this article) making up 54.26% of the total votes counted just a couple day after the election.

    Graph shows 3,544 or 4.96 percentage of votes for Governor Gavin Newsom were made in person, while 67,939 or an astonishing 95.04 percent were vote by mail.

    In comparison, 18.99% of the votes for runner up Brian Dahle were made in person. Dahle, who received 22,080 votes, a total of 16.76% of the total election, received 4,193 votes and 81.01% mailed in their ballot.

    Graph shows 4,193 or 18.99 percentage of votes for Brian Dahle were made in person, while 17,887 or an 81.01% percent were vote by mail.

    Now these are only Semi Official Final Results as of Thursday, June 9, 2022, 12:54:37 PM  The next update will be on Tuesday June 14th 2022 at 12:PM

    This data was pulled from Ventura County Clerk Recorders Office and we also referenced California Secretary of State Ballot Status

    Want to see the live current summary of election data for Ventura county? Visit Ventura County Clerk Recorders Election Night Reporting Results 2022 Would you like Official information from your county? Here is the list of County Elections Offices.

    While we’re on the topic of voting, have you seen the movie 2000 Mules? It’s worth a watch.

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    2000 Mules Vindication: First Person To Plead Guilty To Voter Fraud & CONSPIRACY In 2020 Election (Video)

    Election Fraud! Former Philadelphia Congressman Pleads Guilty



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    C. Collier
    C. Collier
    17 days ago

    The way the democrats cheat by ballot box stuffing, ballot harvesting and the dead voting (I wonder if this was the origin of all those zombie movies, The Attack of the Voting Dead), I’m surprised that the headline doesn’t say the Newsolini won by obtaining 130% of the vote.

    18 days ago

    2000 Mules is impossible to dismiss. It’s done on a massive scale. Enough to throw elections. I don’t like cheaters, on either side. I’d feel the same about the guy I vote for, if I found out it was fraudulent. California actually allows this to happen. If you believe the totals in Newsom’s count in the governors race, you’re smoking more crack than Hunter. The machines are even worse.

    Miguel A.
    Miguel A.
    21 days ago

    Mail in voting bin vedy vedy goud to Gov. Hair doo. Just imagine, do to all that fraud the Dims want him as a presidential candidate!

    Linda Coburn
    Linda Coburn
    21 days ago

    Do you know if “vote by mail” includes all the ballots that were hand-delivered to the voting stations? At my polling place there were tons of people turning in ballots they had completed at home. Personally I like being able to complete my ballot at home but I also like to wait until the day of the election to turn it in just in case anything major changes in the last few days.

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