Great White Shark Gets Shockingly Close To Paddle Boarders Near California — Santa Claus Beach in Carpinteria

A great white shark got dangerously close to a pair of paddle boarders while they swam in the ocean. The predator surprised the two friends when it swam nearby last Saturday at Santa Claus Beach in Carpinteria. Francesca Nash and her friend Rose Lebow paddled past the shore break when the shark arrived. Nash said she…

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Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris
3 years ago

A 5-8 foot white shark is a juvenile. A 10-12 footer is an adult, and one that has the teeth, and inclination to hunt large marine mammals as well as larger fish. That paddle boarder’s first response, if she felt no concern for herself, should have been to warn to KIDS that were swimming nearby from the surf camp, to exit the water immediately!

It really troubles me when I see people put the shark conservation concerns above the safety concerns of their fellow humans. It’s a mental illness, if you think about it.

3 years ago

Sharks attack kayaker, paddleboarder along Santa Barbara coast