GREECE: 99% of Votes Counted, ‘No’ Vote Set to Win By 61-39

cost arial,sans-serif;”>Polls are closed in Greece, where voters have been casting their ballots in favour of, or against the European Union-backed bailout and austerity plans for the country. While not a direct vote on membership of the Euro, most economists and commentators suggest that the country could not continue to be a part of the single currency if it rejects the bailout.

Exit ‘polls’ – though not scientific, and conducted by Greek TV companies rather than pollsters – showed a narrow lead for the ‘No’ camp, with a predicted turnout of around 61 per cent. A GPO poll for Mega Gegonota predicts a 48.5 per cent ‘Yes’ vote, and a 51.5 per cent ‘No’ vote, but as results came in over the course of the evening, it turned out the result wasn’t set to be so close after all.

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