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Palo Alto, Calif. Greg Conlon has decided to run for U.S. Senate for the first open seat in over two decades, after Senator Barbara Boxer’s retirement and has qualified for the ballot this week. 


Kamala Harris, the current California Attorney General, is the favored Democrat candidate for the Senate seat. His internal poll with more than 4,000 respondents had him in a virtual tie with Harris 35%, to his 32%.  All other candidates polled less than 10%, with 21% of voters still undecided.  This poll was taken in the middle of February, weeks before he was qualified on the ballot. 

If elected he has three objectives:

First, reduce the size of government and balance the Federal budget each year by reducing the administrative work force in Federal agencies and not replacing retired employees. The nation needs to do this to avoid a financial collapse and protect its bond rating with a national debt of over $20 trillion.  

Second, resolve immigration issues by strengthening our borders, enforcing the terms of visas legally issued to foreign citizens and reducing all Federal funding to so-called sanctuary cities. The nation needs to solve this issues to avoid losing desirable high paying jobs to foreign students overstaying their visas. Also to reduce the cost of supporting illegal immigrants’ health care.

Third, provide private sector jobs by reducing the income tax rate on large businesses to 5%, rather than 35% today,  for cash returned to the U.S. in exchange for new job creation.  The nation needs the additional investment to create over 1.0 to 2.0 million new jobs and spur the economy to growth at 3 to 4% rather than the one and a half to two percent today.  

Greg is a businessman, CPA, has his attorney’s license in Washington D.C. and was a former Air Force Pilot.  He served as a former  Commissioner to the California Public Utilities Commission where he also served as President for two years and to the California Transportation Commission where he also served as a Commissioner.  He was a partner in an international accounting firm, serving clients as a CPA, and has been a business consultant to various business entities. With his experience in both the private and public sector, he understands the economic and financial challenges in balancing budgets and effectively serve the public and Veterans.

As indicated in last month’s poll he believes he has a good chance to win the Primary in June and the General Election in November.  He was the Republican nominee for State Treasurer in 2014 and garnered almost 3.0 million votes.  He looks forward to representing California and would be honored to have your support and your vote. 


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