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    By Professor Trevor G Marshall

    For those that are talking with the media today, I have encapsulated my thoughts, based on 54 years of designing microwave transmitting equipment, and my many peer-reviewed papers in human biology. You may quote me on any of this:

    As Thousand Oaks residents we enjoy an excellent quality of life. We can still walk the streets of our neighborhoods and chat freely with other residents we meet. Yet when I cast my mind back thirty-seven years there have been changes. For example, kids no longer play so freely in the streets, or walk unaccompanied to school.

    Imagine my surprise when I heard that the Thousand Oaks City Council has just passed an ordinance which will take away that freedom of movement. It will no longer be safe for our children to walk or play on our streets, they will be exposed to cancer-causing radiation from the light-poles outside our homes. Those inside the homes will also suffer from the radiation, with increased illness ranging from burnout to cancers.

    Past City Councils have fought for a balance between the right of residents to use wireless communications equipment and the need to install cell-towers to communicate with those phones. They installed safe Internet Fiber and Cable throughout the city, increasingly putting power and TV cables underground, and built enough wireless towers to ensure that all of us can get phone reception.

    But some utility providers have been greedy, wanting to monopolize the market for cable and wireless communication. Previous Councils fought against that in the Courts, and although there have been losses, the penalties have been a small price for us to pay for the quality of life we currently enjoy. But I have heard that the current City Council has become scared to fight for our rights. They feel the City has paid lawyers and Courts too much, that maintaining the ability for Citizens to use our streets is less important in these days of Twitter and Facebook.

    Our city Planning Division, and our Planning Commissioners, have a good track-record, yet the City Council put through this new ordinance without even running it through the Planning Commission. The Council neither gave any opportunity for Public Comment, and even people like myself, who have been in frequent contact with the planning staff, had no warning that everything was about to change. The change was solely at the will of our current Council.

    Last night there was a City Council meeting, the second at which a large contingent of residents have spoken against the new ordinance. The Mayor closed the discussions with words which I will summarize as: You are welcome to keep coming every Council meeting to complain, but we are not going to change the ordinance we passed.”

    At one point a speaker called for any person who was prepared to have the light-pole in front of their homes changed to a cell-tower, and not one person stood up. The very minimum due diligence that our Council should have done is to make sure that at least some residents would volunteer to go along with the ordinance and welcome the changes being forced upon us. Suppressing dissent is not the same as seeking consensus.

    I have more than fifty years of experience designing the microwave transmitters, receivers and antennas that are placed on these towers. I also have many peer-reviewed publications in the medical literature (PubMed) explaining how the human body works. From an Engineering point of view I see we are being promised ten times higher wireless Internet speeds via these new “5G” towers, by the use of a new “shorter wave” pulsed-millimeter-wave transmission system.

    Yet there is nothing in the ordinance to ensure that this new technology, and only this new technology, is what the Telco’s will install outside our homes

    At the very least the Ordinance should state that the ONLY equipment which will be placed onto these lightpoles is the this new shorter-radiation they describe in the City’s new FAQ. At this point the new Ordinance allows ALL 3G, 4G and 5G buildout in the city to be via equipment on our light poles. Who wrote this ordinance? What other loopholes are hiding in its text?

    I read what is said about not allowing the radiation closer to residences than 250 ft (the ‘setback’). Oh, wait a minute, it uses the word “preferred” not “must.” This ordinance would all be a joke if it was not a matter of life or death for some of us.

    Some Thousand Oaks residents, nobody seems to know exactly how many, suffer from the disability called “Electromagnetic Sensitivity” (ES) which is recognized under the Americans With Disabilities Act (The ADA). These will have no alternative but to move home, or suicide. We have recently lost Santa Barbara resident Maria Tsondru to suicide because of ES. But before leaving us she wrote us a letter explaining why she had no choice. Those of us who still talk about “tin-foil hats’ would gain a lot by reading it.

    Public Health experts accept that studies have shown increased human illness in the Kilometer (about 1000 yards) around cell-towers, and several studies have shown this effect quite clearly. So where did the ordinance’s 250 ft number come from? Who is advising our lawmakers?

    The CEO of Verizon has told his shareholders that their new 5G equipment transmits over 2000 ft, and penetrating obstacles is no longer a problem. So why did our Council push for this new ordinance? Perhaps AT&T and Verizon are not the vendors doing the pushing? When I spoke at the Ventura County hearing a couple of years ago both Verizon and AT&T sent their lawyers to sit in on the hearings. Why were there no AT&T or Verizon lawyers at the two recent council meetings? Just who is pulling the strings to force this change on us?


    Prof. Trevor G Marshall, ME, PhD, Director, Autoimmunity Research Foundation, Thousand Oaks, California, Fellow, European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine (Brussels), International Advisory Committee, Autoimmunity 2018, Lisbon,  International Expert Council, Community of Practice Preventative Medicine (Moscow),Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

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