Guest Editorial: The Windfall Made On A Lifesaving Drug

By Naomi Fisher

So many people have allergies or bad allergy attacks and have to depend on the EpiPen for relief or to save their lives. For those of you who watch TV that’s what the Paramedics often inject when they are called to help a victim.

But Mylan the manufacturer now has a monopoly on the EpiPen because the FDA has rejected two generic brands. So, taking advantage of their windfall, Mylan has raised the price of the EipPen to $600 from $50 last year. Even though, according to Dr. Mercola, it only takes $1.00 of epinephrine to fill one pin.

Even the New York Times is blasting Mylan for their greed.

Unfortunately this is just another example of the underhanded antics of our pharmaceutical companies and their lack of concern for us, their clients.

So once again, we the public, must send emails and protests to our State and Federal authorities to force Mylan to clean up their act.

See the link for Dr. Mercola’s article below. In there he quotes the New York Times article.

Naomi Fisher lives in Ventura County

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