Gun Control is People Control

By George Miller


People have the natural right to defend themselves from predators, foreign and domestic, private and public. That is why the Second Amendment was written, by people far wiser than most of us, whose mettle was tested far more. Contrary to some opinions, this protection is not out of date.

We keep reading in the largely controlled “MainSteam Media” that there is an “epidemic” of gun violence, in schools (the problem seems to be public schools), in public places. The MSM and shadowy organizations have actively promoted and hyped this false narrative.

But in fact, fatal shootings are down by half since 1992, even as gun sales have soared. There is not an “epidemic” of shootings in schools either, but any is too many. It’s a wonder that there isn’t an epidemic, since:

– The media hype these incidents continually, 24/7, prompting nutcases to copycat attacks with acquired “assault weapons” (another editorial on this lie at another time) or other instruments: pistols, cars, bludgeons, knives, chemicals, poisons, explosives. If promoted, it will grow.

– The hyper-publicity makes it seem far more prevalent than it really is. When I provide people with actual FBI statistics, they tend to disbelieve them.

– Schools and most other places are “gun-free” zones, meaning shooters know that they will be safe, at least until the SWAT team shows up. “Gun Control” advocates fiercely fight any attempt to improve real security in the schools. They approve of armed protection for their politicians/officials, media stars, airports, stadiums, money in banks, etc., but not their most precious asset- their children.

– Generations of Secular Progressive amorality taught in the schools and appearing in media, books, etc. has reduced respect for life.

– Increasing (and unconstitutional) “gun control” has not really reduced gun violence. In  fact, areas with the most gun control and Progressive government seem to have more problems. This might be the biggest driver of gun violence. If guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns.

So, if the “gun control” approach is not working, why would even more be an improvement? Does taking away self-defense for law-abiding people improve safety? Why aren’t existing laws properly enforced? This is evident from an analysis of high-profile  shootings

Hundreds of years of tradition, Founders’ words and court rulings have upheld the right of Citizens to bear arms. It has been a net benefit to our nation, but there are risks to be managed.

People Control

It is evident from watching the gun control crowd that their real ultimate goal is the incremental elimination of privately held firearms. Much attention is paid to the gun violence problem, in a way designed not to solve the problem, but to weaken self-defense by law-abiding people. In fact there are other societal problems killing a lot more people, such as drug overdoses auto accidents, medical malpractice, disease and of course abortion (a million annually).

Attempting to take arms from law-abiding people will mainly give the advantage to criminal elements, since law abiding people will comply and criminals won’t. What a surprise. Attempting to eliminate/confiscate arms will not eliminate the huge stockpile of weapons, with more  coming in via the black market.


“Well-Regulated Militia” vs Gun Control

The Second Amendment does call for a “well-regulated militia.” But what does that mean? In  the early days, it meant Citizens acquiring weapons then properly learning and drilling as a group in their proper use, care and storage. All able-bodied men were automatically considered part of the militia and joined local groups. These groups maintained the training and discipline and deployed when needed. Individuals were also  ready to use arms as a deterrent if necessary. They kept an eye on rogue individuals and groups. Today we have a large standing army and police departments. But police can’t be everywhere. Some of that security gap is filled by private security and individuals. Federal and state laws provide for this militia. But individuals now arm in a more piecemeal fashion. There are few militia units remaining.

Children should be taught from an early age that guns- weapons in general- are very dangerous, a necessary evil, to be sparingly used  ONLY in legitimate self defense- NOT when you’ve been dissed, lost your girlfriend, offended your religious sensibilities. Instead, we see a continual barrage of Hollywood violence, video game mayhem and literature glorifying violence. Something wrong here. Research has proved that this does desensitize young minds to violence.

Mental illness and psychotropic drugs are another problem altogether. Certain classes of mental illness, drug use and felonies should disqualify people from firearms possession. We must guard against improper abuse of this, though. Gun Controller overreach on this has prompted resistance.

So, how to reduce gun violence in schools?

– Improve physical security/access control, surveillance, training.

– Armed guards- whether police, deputized, trained reliable Citizens, even good rent-a-cops and maybe selected faculty/staff. Works great in Israel.

– Profile problem people- students, faculty/staff, visitors

– Enforce existing constitutional laws, act on tips, discipline non-compliance.

– Include more education on moral responsibility, value of life and proper role of violence ONLY in legitimate self-defense. Beware of people, organizations, religions which teach to the contrary.


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George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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