Gun Laws: Bad Bills on Hold Until Summer Break is Over

7 Bills…and Waiting

Waiting until the last minute is usually a big no-no, but that doesn’t stop the California Legislature from playing that game – even though they have an awful lot of stuff that needs attention.

A lot of nasty anti-gun bills are still percolating in the process, but last week legislators left for their summer vacation without taking action on most proposals.

Why would they do this? 

Because fewer people are likely to notice in the last-minute flurry when literally hundreds of bills are raining on their desks.  As session nears its end, Members have a tendency to scoot right through them, passing bills left and right with little fanfare, debate or discussion.

That’s a pretty bad deal for Californians.  Don’t you think the 2nd Amendment should ALWAYS be given the time, attention and respect that it – and our Constitution deserves?

There’s never a good time for the majority to limit debate – especially when they return to the Capitol in August for the final days of session.  There is never a good time to impose limitations on how many people can speak in opposition to a bill.  And there is never a good time for legislators to sit in silence and not raise their microphone to defend our rights.

GOC will be watching.  These bills – and the members who support them are in our sights, and regardless of whether the Assembly or Senate will jam this garbage through at the last minute, we will be there to make our – AND YOUR – voices heard.

AB 7 / GIPSON/D – Senate Appropriations: Prohibits the open carrying of an unloaded long-gun in unincorporated areas of the state.

AB 424 / MCCARTY/ D – Assembly Floor (eligible for vote of the full Assembly): Removes authority of school officials to authorize a CCW license holder to carry on school grounds.

AB 736 / GIPSON/ D – Senate Appropriations: Authorizes the Department of Justice to impose a civil fine for a violation of firearms licensing requirements committed by a licensed firearms dealer.

AB 1525 / BAKER/ R – Senate Floor (eligible for vote of the full Senate):  Requires additional statements on the dangers of owning a gun to be printed on the actual firearm packaging.

SB 464 / HILL/ D – Assembly Floor (eligible for vote of the full Assembly): Requires firearm dealers to install security measures such as concrete pillars in front of stores/and or vaults that meet certain standards.  (This is the one where Big 5 Sporting Goods worked out a deal with the author to protect the interests of large retailers, thereby removing their opposition and thus putting smaller dealers in jeopardy).


SB 497 / PORTANTINO/ D – Assembly Appropriations: Limits firearm sales to one gun a month per individual – for ALL firearm types.

SB 536 / PAN / D – Assembly Floor (eligible for vote of the full Assembly):  Requires the Department of Justice to provide information on gun violence restraining orders to anti-gun the Firearm Violence Research Center at the University of California; permits DOJ to cherry-pick who gets what data.

SB 620 / BRADFORD / D – Gives courts the discretion to NOT issue mandatory sentencing provisions for the felony use of a firearm.  Although this bill thankfully died on the Assembly Floor we are not resting on our laurels.  We’ve seen some pretty wild stuff in the final days of session, so we will be watching for any legislative shenanigans that might resurrect this dangerous proposal.


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One Response to Gun Laws: Bad Bills on Hold Until Summer Break is Over

  1. William Hicks July 26, 2017 at 8:41 am

    All I can say is that those that are constituent’s of Jacqui Irwin be sure to remind her that we are watching her. Maybe she should have another “family related” reason to not be in Sacramento for a vote.


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