Guv Brown Demands Nation Subsidize Sacramento Corruption and Radical Policies



By Stephen Frank,  California Political News and Views

Jerry Brown is really upset!  President Trump and the Congressional GOP’ers have a tax plan to stop the nation from subsidizing the corruption and radical policies in Sacramento—Hundreds of billions for trains to nowhere, abusive Delta Tunnels, $21 billion for illegal aliens, a collapsing pension system propped up with tax dollars—this the State with the highest income and sales taxes and for a generation will have the highest gas taxes.  To “afford” this California needs to have its income taxes and property taxes subsidized by the Federal taxpayer.

“California collects nearly $300 billion a year in taxes, one of the nation’s highest tax burdens as a percentage of personal income. That burden has climbed sharply in recent years, thanks to voter approval of increased rates on high-income taxpayers that Brown advocated and surges in taxable sales and property values.

Californians claim roughly $100 billion of those taxes as deductions on their federal returns each year, thus saving them perhaps $20 billion. Even so, California still pumps about $400 billion into the federal treasury each year and receives nearly that much back in federal spending.”

What is and is not taxed is an arbitrary political process at all levels of government. The interactive effects of tax policies, and their fairness, are largely in the eyes of their beholders.

Why should the poor of Iowa finance the ultra rich of California?  It is time for fairness in Federal tax laws.

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Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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