Happy Belated Halloween



By Mr. R

President Trump was kind enough to hand out candy to children for the upcoming Holiday of Halloween, the same as many stores, business and people in U.S. would be doing. But let’s take a long look at this. Let’s stand back and think about what this candy is really about. Candy can be malpractice poison. We are not 100% certain what type of sugars are in that candy.

Why is this?

Well, mainly because the FDA of the U.S. Government is owned and operated by such companies, as Monsanto, who’s only agenda is for their products to be unregulated. Don’t believe me? Then why is the director of the FDA an ex-Monsanto employee? And, why is the first five or six ingredients of these Halloween candies high fructose corn syrup? High fructose corn syrup is a Monsanto product.

Has there been any truthful study on the side effects of high fructose corn syrup? Does it cause tooth decay? Or the roots of teeth to decay? Does it cause jaw bone-line loss? Diabetes? Heart attacks? Asthma? Pancreatitus? Loss of intestinal lining? Stomach ulcers? Loss of vision? Loss of hair/baldness? Arthritis?

With all this potentially going on and because we have no solid study of what this candy does or no evidence to support this let’s in clear conscience express a point of view “just for fun” – that if our children decide to eat enough of this high fructose corn syrup – why bother dressing them up for Halloween? Because perhaps the side effects are so bad that they could go to school as modern day zombies with appendages falling off as they walk down the school’s hallway. That’s a Halloween adventure all in itself.

Happy Belated Halloween!

About Mr. R. Was an advent Halloween participant eons ago when gasoline was still 29 cents a gallon! Before candy was the norm as the handouts, and before people took Halloween so seriously. Now as a care giver has time to reflect and take a fun preposterous POV on the changes to what used to be more than just a sugary reward.

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