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    Has Joe Biden Resurrected the Old ‘Peter Principle’?


    The “Peter Principle”, was defined in a book back in the 1950s, by Laurence J. Peter, about a theory he had about the workplace, with the concept being that people in a work hierarchy tend to rise to a “level of respective incompetence”.

    It seems Joe Biden has taken that principle to heart, by not only winning the presidency, but by appointing people, who by all intents and purposes, who were incompetent to do the jobs they were appointed to do.  Look at the shape our country is in and tell me that it is run competently, even including Joe Biden himself?

    Joe Biden’s decisions since he was inaugurated president, has had an affinity to make one mistake after another, starting with negating most all of Trump’s policies, no matter if those policies were good for the country. A competent administrator (in this case the president) would continue the policies of his predecessor that were working, regardless of his personal animus and loathing for that person (Trump).  Look what has happened because of his incompetency in only 2 years.  When Trump left office, our country was energy independent and an exporter of energy around the world. Not anymore.  In order to appease his radical base supporters, Biden and the Democrats went on a spending spree ($5 trillion so far and counting), thus leading us into a recession and sky high inflationary prices of basic goods and services.  On the foreign front, he incompetently engineered a disastrous pull out of Afghanistan, causing the death of 13 military personnel and the leaving of thousands of U.S. citizens and friendly Afghanis behind in Taliban control and territory. Besides the “Peter Principle”, it also looks like Biden has bought into “Murphy’s Law” (an adage that says anything that can go wrong will go wrong).

    Look at the people who Biden has chosen to work under him.  He claims to be an advocate of “Affirmative Action”,“Diversity”, and “Equity” (at all costs). Biden, first off, after he was nominated, selected Kamala Harris as his Vice-President running mate (she was the one at the Democrats who basically called Biden a racist). Did he choose her because of her competence as an administrator, or did he choose her because of her racial makeup and gender? She has proven to be one of the biggest personnel disasters in modern political history.

    Next, in naming his cabinet, he chose Pete Buttigieg, the former failed Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, to be Transportation Secretary. He had zero experience in anything associated with transportation, but he was fairly young and more importantly, he was a “Gay man” (as if that had anything to do with transportation).  We now have a supply chain problem that is in the purview of the Transportation Secretary. Next, he appointed Alejandro Mayorkas as Homeland Security Secretary.  This incompetent selection has been in charge of the southern border that has let 5 million illegal aliens into our country, and an unlimited supply of illegal drugs, including the deadly Fentanyl, Heroin, and Meth. To add his incompetence, he has stated on numerous occasions that the border is secure even though on nightly news programs, you can see thousands of illegals crossing our border practically unchallenged.

    In addition to the above cabinet members, the following appointments fall into the category of being less than competent.  He appointed, a failed Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, as his Attorney General, who has proven to be the most biased, partisan Attorney General in modern history, even surpassing the infamous Eric Holder, Obama’s Attorney General.

    The list goes on and on with the likes of Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary, Jennifer Granholm as Energy Secretary, and Xavier Becerra at Health and Human Services, all with limited expertise in their respective agencies and departments.  To hit all the special interest groups, as Biden looks for votes, he appointed a former male, now female, Rachel Levine, as Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services, who is an advocate of child sex transitions, including bodily mutilation.  I guess he has won over the transgender community with that appointment? To compliment Rachel Levine, Biden just recently appointed Karine Jean-Pierre as Press Secretary, an African-American, female, lesbian, who has difficulty answering simple questions proffered by mainly friendly press reporters.

    So you can see with the array of incompetents working under a cognitively challenged Biden, why our country is in dire straits. It does seem that the “Peter Principle” is alive and well in the Biden Administration. Let’s all hope that our country survives and that sanity would return to our government.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal


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