Have You Just Received Your New Mac? Check Out These Ways To Personalize It


By Techwhiz

Buying any device with your own hard-earned money is a completely different feeling and when it’s about your first Mac then the excitement touches another level. Isn’t it right? Now that you have purchased your first Apple device, it’s time to start with the settings. You will definitely agree with us on this, that when we buy a new device we eagerly wait to reach home and start with the settings. Not only this but we even forget the time and keep on setting the new system dedicatedly. That becomes very interesting sometimes. So when you have already purchased the one that you needed, now is the time to personalize the new Mac. Don’t get tensed from where you are going to get the personalization details. We have jotted down few ways that will help you in the process:


Begin With A New Wallpaper

We all have a love for wallpapers and not only systems but mobile phones as well. Some feel that it depicts their personality and some find it very personal when they open their system and see the wallpaper of their own choice. So, let’s begin with the process of how to change background on mac and change the background as per your choice. You can even change it daily as per your mood.

Setting MacBook backgrounds is simple:

  • Open System Preferences
  • Then go to Desktop & Screen Saver
  • You need to ensure that you are in the Desktop tab
  • Now open Apple in the sidebar
  • Then go to Desktop Pictures
  • Click on the picture you want to set as your background.

You can even custom set the background seamlessly

If you are not happy with the preselected style then Mac even allows you to set your own favorite image as a Mac wallpaper.

  • Find the image on your Mac
  • Now right-click on it
  • Then select Set Desktop Picture

In case your photo is in the Photo application-

  • Open the app
  • Click on the share icon
  • Now select the Set Desktop Picture

Congratulations! You have set your wallpaper on Mac as per your choice.


Set Up a Custom Color Scheme

With this major release of macOS Mojave, you can match and mix numerous colors available for system accents and highlights to get a fresh color scheme and easily customize your system. To do this

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Then General
  • Now choose a new color within Highlight color and Accent color
  • You will now be able to view the updated color scheme that will reflect on menus, buttons, boxes, and other elements in the system.

Similar to this, you can even switch to Dark Mode by following the same preference pane as mentioned above. This is the new feature that offers a dark appearance to elements.


Revamp The Login Screen

Start by changing the new user picture of your account. For this:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Click on Users & Groups
  • Then on Password
  • Now in this pane click on the user picture that is displayed just next to the username
  • Now swap it out for one from your photos library.
  • Then click on Save to place the picture you choose.

That’s how it is done. Easy and simple.


Final Words

This is how you can personalize your Mac. Isn’t it easier than what you were expecting? So, don’t wait more, start playing with your new Mac and start making it look like your personal device.


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