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    Healthy Eaters PROVEN by Science To Be 40% Less Likely To Need Hospitalization If Infected With Covid Virus, And 10% Less Likely To Catch It In The First Place


    (Natural News) One reason natural health advocates did not panic when the pandemic broke relies solely on the fact that we have faith in our immune systems because we eat right, supplement, drink clean water and use natural personal care products. Natural health advocates also don’t get neuro-damaging-chemicals, heavy metal toxins or protein “payloads” injected into our bodies regularly. That also means (we) don’t take a handful of prescription medications daily, if any at all. Remember, the people on pharmaceutical medications are and remain the sickest people in the country. There’s a reason for that, as we see their bodies break down, more and more, year after year. Now, science is proving that healthy eaters are much less likely to catch Covid, or need hospitalization if they do.

    King’s College London — scientists discover ultimate way to cut your risk of catching Covid, and how to avoid a severe case of it, if you do 

    Are you eating clean (organic, local or homegrown) fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds daily? How many times is that your “meal?” Have you cut out processed foods from your daily intake? How often do you cheat? It’s time to take a really close look, because if you want to improve your immune system, eating on the 5-a-day plan, including greens, could be all the difference you’re looking for, and for good.

    Researchers at King’s College interviewed 600,000 people about their daily food regimen, and then monitored all of them for nine months to see if they came down with coronavirus, and if so, to track how long were they sick. Plus, all of the participants logged what they had been eating before the whole pandemic broke out. Result? Software run with all of the data revealed that the healthy eaters were 40% less likely to get sick with China Flu, and if they did, they were also less likely to need oxygen therapy to get through it. That’s amazing.

    So what does “clean eating” really mean, because we all want to avoid Covid, and especially a bad case of it

    Let’s start with organic fruits and vegetables, that are free of chemical pesticides, insecticides and toxic herbicides, like Bayer/Monsanto’s Roundup. That’s a fantastic start. Next, use clean, filtered water to drink for everything, including making your coffee and tea, drink mixes, boiling vegetables, making soup, everything. Remember, there’s all kinds of pollutants and contaminants in tap water, including other people’s medications. A Big Berkey water filter system is very affordable (costs less than a year of buying bottled water) and even filters out fluoride from tap water.

    If you’re a carnivore, keep the fat to a minimum (salmon is good), and don’t fry it, especially in canola oil, which is the deadliest of all processed oils (it coagulates in your blood like margarine). Try not to eat out at restaurants too often, because more often than not, they use canola oil, which lowers your immune system function by contributing to obesity. Also, avoid everything GMO.

    Bottom line: A plant-dominated food regimen can improve your immune system function, adding to the healthy microbes in the gut. Reflect on your daily intake so you can cut your chances of getting Covid and these Greek letter variants all the vaccinated people are spreading around.

    Why it is important now, more than ever, to eat organic food about 90% of the time

    Enough complaining about the price of organic food, because the cost of healthcare for the “conventional” trade-off isn’t worth it, and not even close. We all need to protect the integrity of the food we eat and prevent genetically modified organisms from dominating our food, our digestive system and our cells in general.

    Science has proven GM foods to be toxic to animals, causing cancer tumors in vital organs and kidney and liver failure. Several animal studies show serious health risks linked to eating lab-concocted, gene-mutated, insect-and-weed-killing GM food, including immune problems, infertility, gastrointestinal problems and detriment to major organs.

    Vaccines add to this chaos, and together with genetically modified food weaken humans, making us much more vulnerable to cancer, early onset dementia and critical blood flow issues. Tune your internet frequency to for great resources about clean food that fosters ideal health.

    Sources for this article include:

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